Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Wedding Day: The First Look

Here is some more stuff on our wedding day.  Today I am bringing you our First Look. 

Ryan and I decided to do this because we wanted a lot of pictures from our day and more time with our guests during the reception.  We got ready separately and then came together 45 minutes before the ceremony was to begin. 

I remember waiting in the bathroom at the venue ::yes, the bathroom.  I had to "hide" and he wasn't ready yet.  Typical man:: and thinking about what he would think.  Would he like the dress I picked?  Would he be excited about the surprise boutonniere that he was wearing?  How handsome would he look in his tux?  I could not wait.


I could not have been more happy with how our First Look went.  I loved seeing him first and getting some pictures of just us before anyone else was around.  He looked amazing in his tux and he loved my dress.  He loved his secret boutonniere that I had arranged for him and his men ::more on the flowers later:: 

I love that we forever has this moment saved.  Although we were already husband and wife seeing each other all dressed up and ready for the ceremony was amazing. 

All photos taken by Heidi


  1. Did you have any of these printed? We received all of our pictures on a CD so that I could take them anywhere and have them printed, but it's so freaking expensive!! I'm sure I will get around to it once we're settled somewhere, but for now, I find myself flipping through the CD every 3-6 months :)


    1. Not yet. I did make a shutterfly book but no prints yet. We have ours on a thumb drive and hopefully eventually I will get around to printing some out. I love doing these wedding posts though so I can get to see my pictures all the time. I loved that day.