Friday, January 31, 2014

Last 5 on Friday for January!

Today I am linking up again with Darci for 5 on Friday. 

It is the last day of January!  How is that even possible?!?  I swear we just got Hank yesterday (December 20th) and had my 25th Birthday (January 1)  I am in amazement with how fast this month flew by!  Well we can only hope that it means that we were just having so much fun! 

Ryan and I will be having a fun-filled weekend full of grocery shopping and cleaning house! :)  LOL  I am sure I am much more excited about this than he is.  We are in desperate need of food in our house and we have slacked on the house cleaning for the most part since the beginning of the month.  Laundry, dishes and vacuuming are on our list of things to do!

Ryan won't be completely bored this weekend!  It is the big game and we will be making a few stops at some friends' houses for the event!  We are very excited to go see some people and enjoy the game and commercials! :)  I am rooting for Mr. Peyton!

Currently I have an obsession with Mac N Cheese.  Now I always love me some BlueBox, but lately I could eat it what seems like everyday and for every meal!  It is just so dang good!  And my favorite is, of course, the spirals!!!

We are just two weeks out from our Colorado Winter Family Escape and I am so excited!  We are going to try for the next two weeks to eat in every meal except for the two Saturdays!  We are looking to stick to a budget this month and I am confident (thanks to my husband being so optimistic) that we will!  

Happy Friday Y'all!
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

All Things Face {The Glam Series}

Today I am linking up again with Jordon for her Glam Series

Now today we are talking Face.  Now I have been thinking too much long and hard about what I would write for this post.

You see, I am not the girl who wears make-up everyday, or even at all for the most part.  I am definitely a mascara and eyeliner kind of girl and I am fine with that.  But of course, there are times, like my wedding, when I could not have been more pleased with how I looked while wearing all of the fancy makeup.

Now, I don't know when exactly I stopped being the makeup gal that I was in high school, but somewhere along my path I just stopped.  And hard!  Like a freight train!  I used to be the girl who would never be seen without foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.  It was exhausting!  LOL.  I think as I got older I got more comfortable with the fact that I was never going to look like a super model with makeup on and to sleep a little more and apply minimal items.  I learned to embrace my freckles (or angel kisses as my mommy always called them) and pale white skin and just accentuate my pretty green eyeballs :)

Now as much as I love my sleep, which you best believe me I do, I would like to start getting a little more put together from time to time for me and the hubs. :)  

Today I am asking for any advice you can give a gal!  I am not opposed to big store items like Ulta and Sephora, but I am a total lover of good items that aren't breaking the bank also.  

Thank you in advance and I look forward to sharing my new face routine maybe one day soon :)

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Wedding Day: Reception Part 1

It is time for Wedding Wednesday again!

This week I will be sharing our reception with  you all.  I think I will break it up into a couple of posts just because it was full of so much fun and love.  

So let's start with the entrances, shall we?

The ladies walked in to Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
The men walked in to Billy Squier - The Stroke
We walked in to Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

The girls were calm and fun just like I expected...the boys on the other hand, good for them!  :)

girls dancing their way in to Black Eyed Peas

After the entrances we went into dinner and it was amazing!!!  I had taken my mom and Heather to the tasting with me in January and we picked out amazing things.  I am super picky, so finding foods that everyone would like, especially me, was worrying me, but Orchard Creek Lodge did not disappoint and had amazing food!  It also helps that my company is the one that they get all of their products from :)  We had Caesar Salad, a Cumin and Cabbage salad, rice, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes, chicken with BBQ sauce ::DUH:: and hand carved tri-tip.  It was sooooo delicious!  Do you want to see pictures of the food??  Why not? :)

My favorite part about the early parts of the reception was how our DJ released tables to go eat.  It wasn't in a traditional way at all.  We had previously given him some trivia questions and answers.  We knew that he would use some and then if/when the line got too long he would make some up to kill time while people guessed for an impossible answer.  I think both Ryan and I were surprised at who got answers right and who didn't.  Surprisingly, our parents' tables were not the first to get released.  LOL.  I think my mom was getting a little frustrated with that. :)  But overall, it was an amazing time and I think that everyone liked playing the little trivia while they were waiting to go get their food.

After eating Ryan and I made our rounds.  Now, before anyone gets upset with what I am about to say, please don't!  It is just my opinion and despite what it was, I still followed tradition.  I personally, do not think that me and my "newly wedded" husband should have to walk around to say "Thank You" to our guests.  I'm not saying that we are ungrateful or didn't appreciate each and every one of them for coming, but why do I have to lug around my dress and weave in and out of the table maze to thank every single person while they eat dinner??  I did it with a smile on my face, but for whoever invented that "rule" I dislike it!  :)  We thanked everyone once again after the speeches and throughout the night while dancing and mingling.  But without more ranting, here are some photos from our "Thank You" maze walk. :)

More reception to come later this week or definitely next week.  We still have first dances, cake, tosses and the party!!! :)

Linking up today with Meredith and Jordon!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on Friday!

Today I am linking up again with Darci for 5 on Friday. 

The hubby and I have booked our flights to Colorado for Valentine's weekend!  We are sooooo excited!  We haven't been to Colorado together in almost 2 years.  I went December 2012 and Ryan went September 2013, but together, we haven't been since April 2012.  I cannot believe it!  We are so excited to spend time with our fambam and friends out there!  We can't wait to see everyone and hopefully see some real winter since California, obviously, didn't get the memo that it is still technically winter!  Watch out CO, here come the Hughes'!

I am very sad devastated that we won't be able to purchase the 2014 Country Megatickets this year.  This year there are 9 concerts in the series and we want to go to 7 of them!  However, they doubled the prices this year, over last, and with everything else going on in our lives we just cannot justify spending that kind of money.  :(  We will still get tickets to some of the shows separately and enjoy those just as much :)

Ryan and I got approved for a house loan last night!!!!  Hallelujah!!!! Praise the lord it is happening!  We are on our way to being real big kids!  We already have an appointment tomorrow to look at a house and we have found a few more that we are interested in.  I know that I shouldn't get my hopes up, but we all know that that won't be happening.  I get so excited and I will get disappointed if/when we don't get a house that I love.  BUT we are very excited and ready to start this next chapter and find our HOME. :)

My mom and I are hosting a Pampered Chef party tonight!  I don't think I have been to one since I was like 8 so I am excited.  My cousin is our consultant so it won't be weird or anything.  I am looking forward to seeing some ladies and, of course, my mommy.

This isn't really anything special or amazing, but I am going to Target and Kohl's this weekend!  I am excited!  I have $15 Kohl's Rewards money that is about to expire, and unlike Kohl's Cash, you cannot use it after it expires so that is a must!  Target, well who doesn't love Target??  I haven't been in a few weeks and I am sure there is something on Cartwheel and sale that is calling my name?! :)

I hope you all have a splendid weekend!  See you on the 27th! :)
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Simple Skin Care {The Glam Series}

Today I am linking up with Jordon for her Glam Series

Today we are talking about skincare routines and what products we love or hate

I am going to tell you about my favorite skincare products that I use daily at my house.

I am talking about Simple

Not only is it simple to remember, but also simple to find.

Simple is a skincare company that offers the best products for all types of skin.  They offer a questionnaire on their website that will end up telling you which of their products will work best for your skin type and lifestyle.

At Simple®, taking care of your skin is our #1 priority. We have a range of wipes, cleansers, moisturizers, and eye care products suitable for all skin types and are perfect even for sensitive skin. Please don’t think that all green and white brands for sensitive skin are Simple®. Lookout for our signature smile for complete confidence.

As mentioned above, they have wipes, cleansers, moisturizers and eye care products for everyone.  

Cleansing Facial Wipes
Exfoliating Facial Wipes
Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes
Radiance Cleansing Wipes
Eye Make-up Remover Pads

Moisturizing Facial Wash
Foaming Cleanser
Smoothing Facial Scrub
Soothing Facial Toner
Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

Replenishing Rich Moisturizer
Hydrating Light Moisturizer
Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15
Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15
Nourishing 24HR Day/Night Cream
Ultra-light Gel Moisturizer

Revitalizing Eye Roll-On
Soothing Eye Balm
Eye Makeup Remover

There products are easily the best I have used in forever!  The best thing about this company is that they sell their products in drug stores!  I refuse to pay $10 for a face wash at Target.  I can get 3-4 Simple Products for under $20 and they offer coupons!  They have a feature on their website where you can select which item you are looking for and it will tell you which stores closest to your zip code have it in stock!  How flipping awesome is that??

I use the Cleansing Facial Wipes, Smoothing Facial Scrub, Hydrating Light Moisturizer and Soothing Facial Toner.  

On my next trip to Target I will be getting one of the moisturizers that have SPF in them and also the Soothing Eye Balm.

If you haven't found a facial skincare product that you love yet, you have to try Simple!

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