Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Wedding Day: The Ceremony

The Ceremony!  Probably the moment that I was most nervous for the whole day.  I was worried that people wouldn't like our venue, that they would be angry once it happened due to our little secret, that something wouldn't go right.  I am a little bit irrational when it comes to fears and things that will go wrong.  LOL.

Our ceremony was perfect and exactly what we wanted.  We think that people enjoyed it - especially since it was outdoors and it was a horrible 90 degrees outside.  So much for my nice outdoor fall wedding...thanks California!  LOL

Decorations: My venue is gorgeous so we didn't use much, but what is there I purchased and my family arranged for me. :)
Officiant: Step-brother

The Ceremony Songs:
Bridal Party Entrance:  "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
My Entrance: "Born to be your Woman" - Joey and Rory
Exit: "Til My Last Day" - Justin Moore

The Ceremony:
We had planned to reveal to everyone that we were renewing our vows on this day instead of first taking them.  Most of our family had no idea that we had already been married for over a year.  We had it all planned out and knew what we were going to do.  We still were going to exchange rings - as Ryan hadn't been wearing one and I only my engagement ring - and exchange some vows.  Well silly me!  I forgot the vows in my purse.  Yup!  I am the one who messed up my own ceremony!  LOL.  We went on and no one noticed the little glitch except for us.  Our ceremony lasted I think a whole 8 minutes - maybe!  At the end of it I couldn't have been more thrilled with the way it went and the fact that now everyone knew that I was already married to the love of my life! :)

I love his thumbs up!

And JUST because I love it so much, here is the song that I walked down the aisle to :)

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  1. I don't know how you managed to keep it a secret that long, i just went back to read your actual wedding story!! thanks for linking up, our ceremony was in Oct and the weather jumped to 85ish degrees !

  2. I love love love your ceremony spot!!! How gorgeous is that???

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thank you! It was definitely picturesque! :)