Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tacos? Baby H Says Yes!

So as you may know by now, I am not a cook.  Ryan likes to tell me that what I make is delicious and if I had more confidence in the kitchen then I wouldn't say I am so bad at it all the time.

So, with my loving hubby being so supportive, I decided to find a recipe that I will try.

Baby H loves nothing more than Mexican food - and this Mexican Mama is A-OKAY with that :)

I found this delicious looking taco recipe over at Half Baked Harvest, thanks to Kayla, and I cannot wait to try it!

Here is to being brave and trying new things.  :)

I will let you all know how it goes!
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm Not A Fashionista or A Foodie

1.  I don't own a fancy camera, first and foremost!  I would love to get a fancy camera and have amazing blogging pictures especially now that we are bringing a little one around.  However, I have had so many cameras in my life (thanks Mommy) and have rarely used them and end up breaking or losing them.  I know I am more grown up now and should be able to handle it, so maybe this year for Christmas or Baby H's birthday I will get a big girl camera :)

2.  I am not a fashion blogger.  I have no clue what I am going to wear most days of my life.  Whatever is clean and happens to fit that day works best for me.  I despise getting dressed for work because in my current state, preggo and loving it, all I want to wear are yoga pants and jeans with a stretchy tummy attached to them.  I think I have good taste when it comes to clothes, but the fact that I refuse to pay full price for anything probably makes me feel like I would fail when it comes to fashion blogging.  If you haven't already, go check out Night Chayde for your daily fix of fashion blogging.  She is wonderful.

3.  I am not a cook.  I am working on it, and thankfully my husband is very supportive.  I have some good go-to recipes but most of them are simple family dinners and not what I think people search blog land for.  If you are looking for good recipes check out Heather's blog and wish nightly that she was making dinner for you.

4.  I do not blog design.  As badly as I wish I could make this little space of mine look exactly like I want and change it whenever I want, I have NO clue how to do anything.  I was ever so lucky to have Marie as my CaraBox partner and she gifted me my current layout.  It would still be plain and boring if it wasn't for her.  Have you noticed how the "Wedding" and "Baby Hughes" tabs above go to nothing?  That's because I can't figure even that out.  So if you want to help a girl out, let me know!! :)

5.  I am not the queen of DIY.  I so wish that I could sit at home all day and just craft and DIY my little heart out.  I have big plans for my Maternity leave, all of which I'm sure won't happen since the whole "you're out to have a baby" thing will be happening. LOL.  But I love to get crafty and definitely think that I got some creative genes inside of me.  I can't wait to get settled and set up a craft room/area and start getting to it.  Maybe then I can have a reason I should be a blogger :)

6.  I am the worst at pre-writing posts!  I know that most bloggers plan out there posts a week in advance and then schedule them with HootSuite or another website that manages it for them.  I aspire to be like these women.  I usually end up writing my posts first thing in the morning at my desk while working. :)

7.  I do not live in an amazing city like New York or Paris.  I live in a tiny town in nowhere California.  My husband and I are not "city folk" but not "country."  We live a simple life of going to work, cleaning the house, mowing the lawns and fixing dinner.  We love where we live, I'm just not sure everyone else would understand why :)

8.  We do not have an endless amount of money so that we can travel the seven seas.  As much as we would love to get away every weekend, we don't have that luxury at this point in our lives.  I understand that most don't, but it seems in blog land that these ladies have the travel bug just as bad, but can actually take care of it.  LOL.  We have gone on one big vacation the entire 5 years we have been together.  We are planning on taking another one in a year or two, but until then, I will live vicariously through all of you lovelies :)

9.  I am not a fitness blogger.  I actually have no desire to ever blog about working out.  I think that has most to do with that fact that I can really only "work out" by walking currently.  I know that once I pop this little boy out that me and the hubs will be hitting the pavement and getting our work out on.  So maybe by next Spring I will be attempting to be a semi-fitness blogger :)

10.  I have never been on a blate.  I feel as though this is like a right of passage for bloggers.  I hope one day I can meet some of these amazing women in person.  Until then, I will keep reading and enjoying everyone's posts as if they are my best friends :)

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Hour Hangout

Happy Friday!

Let's start off with the fact that I was part of the Happy Hour Hangout last night! :)

It was amazing!

I was sweating balls out of fear terrified about being a part of it thinking that I would be the lone wolf out of these amazing women bloggers that I love reading about.

It was completely the opposite.  It was so nice to sit there for 2 hours and talk about all things blog land and personal life.

We talked heavily about Blogger Burnout and how to avoid it and what to do with it once you have hit that spot.  I wrote down some good notes and look forward to using them when I hit that point.

We of course talked about animals because if you know any of these gals, especially Laura Beth, Amber and Ashten, you know that they love their animals - almost as much as I do :)

I learned so much in that short amount of time and I loved every second of it.  It was full of good laughs and serious topics.

There were 8 of us in the hangout last night and I only read 2 of the other ladies' blogs daily.  I am so looking forward to checking out the other 6 and hopefully building some relationships with them :)

I am sad that Amber has opted out of continuing on with the Happy Hour Hangout, but I understand how much time sponsorship takes and I wish her the best of luck during this hiatus and hopefully one day I will see her in a Happy Hour Hangout again. :)

I want to thank Amber and Ashten so much for this opportunity.  As the new girl in the group I felt just like everyone else and welcomed.  You both taught me a lot last night and I can't wait to keep reading and keeping up with your lives via blogland :)

If you have the opportunity, go to Ashten's sponsor page and be part of the Happy Hour Hangout with her.  It is fun, witty and educational :)

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

TV Shows I Love...And A List Of Ones I Want To Love



If you have any suggestions of great shows out there please let me know :)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Am An Army Wife

Today I am linking up with Samantha from The Samantha Show to bring you a glimpse into the life of a military wife.

As many of you know I am married to my very own hero.  He has been protecting our country and freedom for 7 years now and I couldn't be more proud of him.

As proud as being a military spouse makes one, it doesn't come with a slice of pie always.  There are very difficult sides to military life.

When I heard about this link-up I knew that I had to join in.

One year ago today, was probably one of the scariest days of my life due to the military and I found it only fitting that I participate also.

Let's start from the beginning...

Ryan joined the California Army National Guard in October 2007.  We had just graduated high school and as any 18-year-old boy might do he joined and left a week later.  Ryan went to Mississippi for Basic Training and then lived in Missouri for a year while he completed AIT.

In 2008 Ryan was deployed to Afghanistan with the 235th Combat Engineers.  He was in Afghanistan when we fell in love :)  Hard to believe, but it is true.  We decided to be in a relationship together before we even saw, hugged, kissed, dated.  A risk that worked out miraculously for the both of us.

Ryan returned home from Afghanistan in November 2009 and we started our life together.  I knew that he was in the military and I didn't mind one bit.  Sure, while he was deployed and we went days without talking I got a little nervous, but when he was home it was all worth it.

Ryan being part of the National Guard means that he has Drill 1 "weekend" a month and two weeks a year in the summer.  Now, this provides us with a nice little additional income but doesn't come without it's own headaches.  Drill weekends aren't always just two days, so sometimes he has to take time off work.  Now we still get paid, but not as much as we would if he could work a full week at work and then the two days at drill.  And AT, it's in the summer and here in California they go to the most dreadful place and Ryan's dreads it every time.

Ryan once again deployed back to Afghanistan in 2012, 34 days after we said "I DO."  This time Ryan went with an aviation unit as a door gunner on a Chinook helicopter.  As terrifying as this sounds, I didn't feel more worried than I was last time.  I think that no matter what job you do, if you are in Afghanistan you are always at risk of not getting to come home.

So we dealt with our first year of marriage via iMessages, FaceTime and Facebook.  While that creates it's own difficulties his location in Afghanistan created more.

One year ago today, Ryan and his fellow soldiers were involved in a very close contact situation.  Two soldiers did not get to come home to their wives and children.  It broke my heart then and it still does.  My husband, and others from FOB Shank, wears a memorial band for them every day.  It was there on the day that we said "I DO" again and continues to be there.  Ryan lives a little more each day for those who can no longer do so due to this war.

As selfish as it was for me to be upset that I didn't get to hear from him that day due to the incident and them shutting off all Internet and phone services, I still can't help but feel annoyed that they can't tell you that they are okay.  I lived 274 days worrying about whether or not my husband would get to come home and I am so grateful that he did.

Being a military spouse is hard.  I believe that it takes a certain kind of person to endure this lifestyle.  I don't mean this to sound harsh, but I know that there are women and men out there that would not be okay with a life where they could move at any given time, be alone for months up to a year or more, or their spouse doesn't get to come home every night for a week out of no where due to training. 

There are horrible stories of soldiers getting cheated on while their spouse is overseas.  I find this disgusting and revolting.  How dare you break your commitment to someone while they are risking their lives for you just because you needs a little action!  It royally pisses me off when I hear about it and I made sure that Ryan knew that that would never happen to him. 

While I am not an active duty wife, I don't think that life in between is much different.  We all still need to help provide the best life for ourselves, spouses, children and family.  I thank the good Lord up above that he has brought my husband home to me twice.  I don't know how you ever repay that, but if I could I would.  

I love being a military spouse.  I love being married to a soldier.  I love that my son will grow up knowing that his Daddy protected this land that we call home and did it so that he could have a better life.

Next time you see a military spouse, tell them "Thank you" or give them a hug.  Let them know that they are doing a great job and that although it seems impossible, they will make it through to the next day.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How We Found Out...

Last Monday was just like any other day.


Last Monday was one of the most exciting days we have had in a very long time!

It was the day that we would find out if our little baby was a he or a she!

I could not sleep at all Sunday night.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, however, I had to be at work at 5 AM and this little baby of mine loves to get at least 9 hours of sleep a night :)

So I managed to work for 5 hours before our appointment and then rushed home so we could go find out.

Let's talk about this whole - "Your bladder must be full for this ultrasound" BS!

I am:
1.  Pregnant
2. Have the smallest bladder in the world anyways
3. Thirstier than a hippo
4. Not good at holding it

So sitting in the waiting room was pure torture.  My poor husband had to keep telling me that it was okay and I could make it.  I had no idea how I was going to make it and not pee all over myself while getting the ultrasound done.

After sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like 17 days, we finally got taken back.

I lay down and the tech starts and says, "Oh my, you are way too full."  No shit Sherlock!  "Please go to the restroom and empty your bladder."

Thank the good Lord up above!  I could concentrate on the important matters at hand.

So we start taking a bunch of medical pictures.  She took close to 80 pictures and videos of our little bug before we got to the "fun stuff", otherwise known as is it a boy or a girl.

So we finish the medical portion and are moving on.  Out of nowhere, like seriously no where - neither one of us was expecting her to be so forward about it - she says "BOY PARTS!"

Oh my gosh!  My heart jumped!  I grabbed Ryan's hand and just stared at his face.  He couldn't look away from the monitor.  We honestly did not care either way and while we were there we both thought that Baby H was a girl after all, but nope!  Baby H is a boy!  It's a boy!  Ryan got a boy!

I won't say that Ryan cried, but I could tell that he was super overwhelmed with happiness and joy.  I just laid there staring at my husband and our little boy on the monitor screen.  I love Ryan more and more everyday, but I can't imagine how much I will love him once he is holding our little boy.

We are so excited that we know can call Baby H by his name and it just feels all that much more real now.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby Hughes Is A...

We are so excited to announce that Baby Hughes is a BOY!

He will be joining our family at the end of summer!

We couldn't be more thrilled and excited to meet him!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

21 Week Bumpdate

  • How far along are you? 21 Weeks and 1 Day 
  • How I'm feeling: Still great.  I am so happy that I have had a great pregnancy.  I wish everyone was so lucky.
  • Total weight gain:  I have gained 5.5 pounds.  I am so proud of myself.  I know that gaining weight is part of growing a baby was I was deathly afraid of gaining "too much" weight.  
  • How big is baby? Baby Hughes is the size of a pomegranate!  He or she is 10-12 inches this week!  Most likely Baby Hughes weighs about 12 ounces.
  • This week baby: Baby is still growing big and strong this week.  Baby has started sucking his or her thumb and opening and closing his or her eyeballs. :)
  • Maternity clothes: Everyday. lol
  • Sleep: Sleep is still my best friend!  I am once again lucky, I believe, that I can still sleep on my tummy.  Baby and I get at least 9 hours of sleep a night with usually one potty break.  It is fantastic.
  • Best moment this week: We found out what Baby Hughes is!!!!  OHMYGOSH!  Que the freaking choir because I am ready to scream it from the rooftops!  I only have to hold it in for 32 more hours and I absolutely cannot wait!
  • Movement: Yes.  Ryan and I both felt the baby move for the very first time together on Monday afternoon while we were sitting on our couch.  The doctors and nurses say that I can't feel Baby H very much yet because of where my placenta landed.  They say soon I will feel Baby H a lot more when they have less room to move due to growing.  It was amazing!
  • Food cravings: Still Mexican food.  And pasta now too.  I love carbs!
  • Food aversions: Nope.  Just the smells still.
  • Belly button in or out:  Belly button is still in.
  • What I am thankful for: I am so thankful to have the best husband in the whole wide world.  He is absolutely the greatest.  He is all the time, but now that I am pregnant, he is even more so.  I love him so!
  • What I'm looking forward to: The Gender Reveal Party tomorrow!  I cannot wait!  I will do a post on it next week hopefully.  And if you are dying to know what Baby H is, make sure you tune in to IG tomorrow to find out first! :)
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    Friday, April 11, 2014

    20 Weeks - Already?

    I cannot believe that this little ball of joy inside of my belly is already half way done cooking!

    It seems like just yesterday we found out that our dreams were coming true. :)

    I remember exactly what we were doing and what time it was.

    It was a Saturday afternoon and we had already gone through 4 negative tests the months before.

    We were going out to dinner that evening with family and I still needed to shower.

    I told Ryan that I wanted to take a test because I was 4 days "late"

    I peed, we sat on the couch and Abbie stared at the both of us like we were bat shit crazy bonkers.

    Those 3 minutes are seriously some of the longest moments in your life.

    ** I always leave the stick upside down while we wait because I get so nervous **

    I couldn't handle ever checking myself so I would always make Ryan check.

    This time instead of looking at me all sad because he knew I would be crushed disappointed, he said, "I think so!"

    What?!?  I snatched that pee stick out of his hand so quickly and there it was.  The sign that we had never seen before!  A very faint second pink line! :)

    I was on top of the world!  We had done it!  It was 3:50 PM on 12/21/13.  One of the greatest moments of our lives.

    Now, 16 weeks later - because I was 4 weeks when we found out - we are half way done and getting ready to find out if Baby Hughes is a boy or a girl.

    We are ecstatic and cannot wait!

    We love you Baby Hughes!

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    Thursday, April 10, 2014

    Do Your Animals Know When You Are Growing Another Human?

    I cannot get over how stinking much I love this picture!

    This was last night after we got home from our appointment.

    Do you think your animals know when you are growing another human?

    Ryan and I totally do.

    Ever since we found out we were pregnant we noticed more and more that the pups would not leave my side.  Now with Abbie, this wasn't much different than normal because I would be the one who let her get away with things; but with Hank, I was surprised.

    Hank is only 3 weeks older than the Bump.  I couldn't believe how much he wanted to be around the Bump while he, himself, is still just a little baby.

    I think it is extremely incredible that they know.

    I know that they can most likely hear Baby H's heartbeat and I know that they already consider it their pup to care after once he or she is born.

    I have always dreamed of having the following pictures reenacted...and now?  I know I will :)

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    Wednesday, April 9, 2014

    Happy List

    I saw Samantha and Brittany do this last week and decided that I should do it for a couple of reasons:
    1. I love lists!
    2.  Something to also document what makes me happy while I'm pregnant.

    Here we go :)
    32 things that make me happy.

    1. Warmth.  We are back in the 80s and I am loving it.  I have been nothing but cold this entire pregnancy and the Bump and I are enjoying all of the Vitamin D :)

    2. Weekends

    3. Ryan

    4. Hank

    5. Abbie

    6. Half way through this pregnancy without gaining over 10 pounds!

    7. Pictures

    8. Planning parties - AKA gender reveal and baby shower

    9. Family Dinner

    10. The Bump - all my dreams are coming true

    11. Cows - I love them.  They make me incredibly happy

    12. Blogland - guilty pleasure of mine

    13. Paying off credit cards

    14. Going out to eat - I am not a great cook as you all may know.

    15. HGTV/DIY network

    16. DVR - ours is 70% full and it is all my shows! :)

    17. Round Table Salad - Best salad dressing in the entire world!!!

    18. Presents.  Nothing I love more!

    19. Yoga Pants

    20. Libations with good company - obviously not right now though although it has been a craving of mine for the past week.  LOL

    21. Lists - obviously!

    22. Spring!  All of the flowers in bloom and baby animals being born

    23. Snuggle time on the couch with my boys.

    24. Mr. Pibb - I still cannot control this.  I have cut back entirely on this but there is nothing I want more on a daily basis.

    25. Manicures.  I will be getting one for the Gender Reveal Party and I cannot wait.

    26. Fishing

    27. Hunting - although I can't due to the Bump, but that's okay.

    28. Designing invitations and decorations for upcoming parties

    29. DIY

    30. Letters, cards or invitations via SnailMail

    31. Surprises - I love to surprise people and love a good surprise pulled off on me :)

    32. My family.  Both extended and immediate and especially my own little family now.
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