Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Fun and "Simple" Bridal Shower Gift...

Hello ladies.

I thought today I would share a really fun shower gift idea that I have seen and used.

Although above I stated Bridal Shower, this could be used for Baby Showers as well I suppose, just with a few different items.

I say simple because the only hard part of this project is to know when to stop purchasing/filling your container.  You will see if you ever do this, or maybe it is just me and how much I love home decor for holidays.

Here we go :)

So let's say it is April and you will be going to a bridal shower next May.

1. Get a large container.  One that you would store Christmas or other holiday decorations inside.  Also, choose a size that you want to potentially fill close to full.

2.  Start thinking about all of those cute holidays that are coming up and plan them out.  You will be hitting up Joann's, Hobby Lobby or Michael's probably once a month for this project.

3.  Start collecting cute things for the Bride/Mom-to-be's home.  (i.e. dish towels, welcome signs, throw pillows, candles)

4.  Wrap, or not - your choice, the items you got for each holiday and put them inside of the container you bought in the beginning.

5.  Bring to shower and watch how many people love the idea!

Holidays to Buy For:(The ones that I have done, if some are missing, obviously just add them for your container)
New Year
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
You could do some things for their birthdays so they can use those to decorate as well.
Also, for the months that don't have any holiday look for a seasonal decoration that they could put out.

When to Buy:
Buying these items is where you want to be strategic.  I know that when first thinking about this project you might think that it is pricey.  That is where you could be mistaken.  Of course, with all things, if you do not pay attention you could end up over paying for many of the items.
My suggestion is this:
~ Buy for the next holiday during the current holiday.  This might seem silly, but the three stores listed above will all have their decorations on sale already.
~ Look for clearance items left over from past holidays to save those pennies. - Just because it is on clearance doesn't mean that it is ugly or not nice enough for someones home.  I like to think that it just means that the store over bought and I am the lucky lady who gets to take it off their hands and save a few dollas! :)
~ ALWAYS use a coupon!  All three stores that I listed offer paper coupons, online coupons and even mobile coupons!  Take full advantage of these.
~ Check sale dates.  Most stores run their sales Sunday - Saturday.  The above mentioned could in some areas but not others; so before you head out, pop online and check out when their sales begin and end.

Added Bonus:
Don't be afraid to get crafty with this fun gift as well.  There are plenty of home decorations that you could make for close to the same prices as buying and they have added sentimental value to the gift receiver.  :) Make a cute garland or wreath.  The possibilities are endless.


With that, I hope that next time you have an upcoming shower or party to attend that needs a gift that you will remember this little project that won't take any time at all.
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