Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To The Man I Love...

So today will be short, but mushy!

I love this man!  

Now you are probably thinking, "Well, I really hope she does because she married him and is having his baby."  And while all of that is true, it is so much more than that!

Let me set the scene:
Sunday night:  Hank has been refusing to eat and every time he does he gets sick.  We snuggle and enjoy our evening together before I have work disgustingly super early in the morning.  We decide that Ryan will take me to work, meaning that we will leave our house by 4:00 AM!  Goodnight Hank!  Goodnight Babe!  Sleepytime!

Well Hank had other plans for our sleepytime...

I was already having trouble sleeping for some reason Sunday night.  I don't know if it was stressing about not making it to work on time, Hank getting sick and us not hearing him, who knows.

Well Hank did get sick.  At 2:43 AM!  One hour before my alarm was to go off.  We then had to clean his kennel out and make sure that he was okay.  Ryan went back to sleep and I tried my hardest, eventually getting maybe an additional half hour.  

We woke up, jumped in the car and took me to work.  We took Hank with us because he wasn't feeling well.  Bad idea?  Yep!  He got sick three times in my back seat and we had to pull over and clean it up in the pitch black darkness that is my commute.

Okay so we survived Monday.  Now to the mushy part!

Monday night:  Hank is feeling better after Ryan took him to the vet and got him checked out.  We had snuggle time and since I was falling asleep at 5:00, we called it an early night - although not much of an earlier night than normal, we are old folks around here.

Laying in bed:
Me:  Thank you
Ryan: For what?
Me:  For taking care of everything today.  Taking me to work, taking Hanky to the vet, staying home to make sure Hanky was okay.  Everything.
Ryan: I love it!  I love the family life! 

There it is ladies!  This man is my everything!  

I love that he loves the family life and I love that he is the one that was chosen to spend the rest of my life with me!

I love you babe!!!
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