Friday, April 11, 2014

20 Weeks - Already?

I cannot believe that this little ball of joy inside of my belly is already half way done cooking!

It seems like just yesterday we found out that our dreams were coming true. :)

I remember exactly what we were doing and what time it was.

It was a Saturday afternoon and we had already gone through 4 negative tests the months before.

We were going out to dinner that evening with family and I still needed to shower.

I told Ryan that I wanted to take a test because I was 4 days "late"

I peed, we sat on the couch and Abbie stared at the both of us like we were bat shit crazy bonkers.

Those 3 minutes are seriously some of the longest moments in your life.

** I always leave the stick upside down while we wait because I get so nervous **

I couldn't handle ever checking myself so I would always make Ryan check.

This time instead of looking at me all sad because he knew I would be crushed disappointed, he said, "I think so!"

What?!?  I snatched that pee stick out of his hand so quickly and there it was.  The sign that we had never seen before!  A very faint second pink line! :)

I was on top of the world!  We had done it!  It was 3:50 PM on 12/21/13.  One of the greatest moments of our lives.

Now, 16 weeks later - because I was 4 weeks when we found out - we are half way done and getting ready to find out if Baby Hughes is a boy or a girl.

We are ecstatic and cannot wait!

We love you Baby Hughes!

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  1. This made me cry a little bit. Is that crazy?

  2. What a cute photo! I love ultrasound photos, thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Halfway Sara! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl! Stay tuned as I'm actually doing a giveaway for a credit at an adorable online maternity boutique with tons of options so don't miss out on that! It will probably be sometime in May!