Thursday, April 10, 2014

Do Your Animals Know When You Are Growing Another Human?

I cannot get over how stinking much I love this picture!

This was last night after we got home from our appointment.

Do you think your animals know when you are growing another human?

Ryan and I totally do.

Ever since we found out we were pregnant we noticed more and more that the pups would not leave my side.  Now with Abbie, this wasn't much different than normal because I would be the one who let her get away with things; but with Hank, I was surprised.

Hank is only 3 weeks older than the Bump.  I couldn't believe how much he wanted to be around the Bump while he, himself, is still just a little baby.

I think it is extremely incredible that they know.

I know that they can most likely hear Baby H's heartbeat and I know that they already consider it their pup to care after once he or she is born.

I have always dreamed of having the following pictures reenacted...and now?  I know I will :)

 photo Sarasignature_zps2ce4d667.png


  1. You definitely need to do that last pic with Hanky!!!

  2. So cute! Yes I totally think they know. I love seeing the interaction between dogs and babies. They become almost an older sibling.