Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy List

I saw Samantha and Brittany do this last week and decided that I should do it for a couple of reasons:
1. I love lists!
2.  Something to also document what makes me happy while I'm pregnant.

Here we go :)
32 things that make me happy.

1. Warmth.  We are back in the 80s and I am loving it.  I have been nothing but cold this entire pregnancy and the Bump and I are enjoying all of the Vitamin D :)

2. Weekends

3. Ryan

4. Hank

5. Abbie

6. Half way through this pregnancy without gaining over 10 pounds!

7. Pictures

8. Planning parties - AKA gender reveal and baby shower

9. Family Dinner

10. The Bump - all my dreams are coming true

11. Cows - I love them.  They make me incredibly happy

12. Blogland - guilty pleasure of mine

13. Paying off credit cards

14. Going out to eat - I am not a great cook as you all may know.

15. HGTV/DIY network

16. DVR - ours is 70% full and it is all my shows! :)

17. Round Table Salad - Best salad dressing in the entire world!!!

18. Presents.  Nothing I love more!

19. Yoga Pants

20. Libations with good company - obviously not right now though although it has been a craving of mine for the past week.  LOL

21. Lists - obviously!

22. Spring!  All of the flowers in bloom and baby animals being born

23. Snuggle time on the couch with my boys.

24. Mr. Pibb - I still cannot control this.  I have cut back entirely on this but there is nothing I want more on a daily basis.

25. Manicures.  I will be getting one for the Gender Reveal Party and I cannot wait.

26. Fishing

27. Hunting - although I can't due to the Bump, but that's okay.

28. Designing invitations and decorations for upcoming parties

29. DIY

30. Letters, cards or invitations via SnailMail

31. Surprises - I love to surprise people and love a good surprise pulled off on me :)

32. My family.  Both extended and immediate and especially my own little family now.
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