Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our No Good Very Bad Monday

So let's set the scene.  Sunday night we decided that Ryan would take the boys to my mom's house in the morning.  I got the bag of clothes ready for him to take with him and we put the boys to sleep.  Ryan is infamous for putting Caleb in whatever for jammies, so Sunday night he was wearing blue and white checkered shorts with a Spiderman t-shirt, don't worry, this will come back into play.

Monday morning comes around and I go to work, Ryan was awake and I was off.  He originally planned on having the boys to my mom by 7am.  I get a text at 7:08am asking what time Caleb starts school.  I knew something was off, and he just reassured me that he was just running a couple minutes late, no big deal.

Fast forward to him getting to my mom's house at 7:30.  He forgot the bag of clothes!  So luckily Caleb has his backpack for school which has an extra outfit in it and his shoes and socks.  Well this extra outfit is a pair of shorts that are about 7 sizes too big for Caleb and a gray shirt with a neon green dinosaur on it.  My mom tries her best to get him dressed, but the shorts just won't stay on.  So he is now wearing his blue and white checkered shorts and his gray and green dinosaur shirt.  Such a boy outfit, right?

So my mom is running late after trying to get Caleb dressed and both boys fed breakfast and when she gets to school, what day is it?  That's right, PICTURE DAY!  Worst mom ever, I completely forgot that it was picture day and now my kid is a complete mess with an outfit that completely doesn't go together.

To make things better, Caleb refused to take the picture unless my mom stayed with him, so my kid has his first school picture with his Mima holding him!!!!

And as if that could be the worst of it, he got sent home with the wrong shoes on!  Which, doesn't bother me, but the shoes he got sent home with were much nicer then his so I know I would be upset if it was the other way around. LOL

Our no good very bad Monday is over though and once we get that adorably embarrassing school picture back, I will be sure to plaster it everywhere!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Family Pictures September 2016

I can't believe that it is that time of year again.  The time of year that you start thinking about Christmas cards and picking out outfits that all go together but don't look too matchy matchy... am I right?

This year was no different, except it was completely different.  This year I had to dress two children and a hubs and myself.  Talk about some pressure.  Oh and the fact that I completely procrastinated until the night before/morning of.

We met up with the amazing LG at a local park and she started snapping away.  It's a good thing she is a mama herself because Caleb was absolutely disastrous!  It was dinner time and he didn't nap too well beforehand, so I am completely amazed that we got any good shots.

I would have loved a few more location changes or poses, but I am completely in love with what we did get.  LG did an amazing job as always, and if you live in the Sacramento area, please let her take pictures of your family!

Now to the photos... :)

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Monday, September 12, 2016

To Eric James - 3 Month Letter

My Dearest Eric James,

Here we are again, another month has gone by and you are still growing like a weed.  We have had a very busy month and you have been my trooper the whole way through.

We started out the month recovering from our big road trip West with the bests and tried to get back into our routine.  You had started sleeping longer stretches on that trip and we wanted to keep that up once we got home, and luckily, you did just that.  You are doing amazing with sleeping through the night!  You average 12 hours a night!  Now just like your big bother, you sleep through the night but hate to nap.  We complain, but don't really mean it because you will nap if we hold you.  We will totally take all night sleeping rather then naps all day in our arms.  Mima might say otherwise, but really who doesn't love a snuggly baby? LOL.

You are still loving to eat as well.  You are now consistently eating 6 ounces every 3 hours and 7 hours for your first and last bottles of the day.  You don't let us miss a feeding but you are growing big and strong because of it.  This month we have tried rice cereal in a bottle a couple of times after the recommendation came from your doctor.  You have a terrible witching hour, from 4-7 every night, and she thought that a little cereal might help you with that.  You aren't really a huge fan yet, but I'm sure in no time you will be.

This month you got to meet everyone from Mommy's side of the family as we had a memorial for Great Grandpa.  You loved all of the attention and they all loved meeting you as well.  You are the youngest of all the great grandkids and everyone loved snuggling you.  I am glad that you got to meet my Grandpa before he passed away.  Him and your brother had such a special bond and I'm sure it would have been the same with you had you both had the time.

I went back to work at the end of this month and I think we are all doing well with it.  You go to Mima's house each morning with your brother and she is such a big help to us.  She is helping get you in a routine and sending me pictures all day long, which help me feel better about going back to work.

You are still loving baths and can't take long enough ones.  You are one sweaty boy, so you get baths just as often as your big bro.  You love the warm water and love relaxing.

We can't believe how fast you are growing but love watching every second of it.  I hope you always remember how much we love you and how much you complete our family.

Three Month Stats:
Weight: 16 pounds, 2 ounces
Height: 26 inches
Diapers: Size 2
Clothes:  6 months

*Photo Dump*



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