Thursday, July 24, 2014

Body Talks...

I find today's post so appropriate and it just called out to me.

Today I am linking up with Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me and Juliette from The Other Juliette.

These ladies are co-hosting a link up talking all things body...

I know that this may sound weird - as I am almost 9 months pregnant - but body issues have always been there for me.

I have been saying for a couple of weeks how I was going to talk about the weight I've gained with Baby Hughes and have yet to do so.  When I heard about their link-up I knew it was the perfect opportunity.

So let's start with where I am currently.

Currently I am almost 9 months pregnant.  I am currently gaining weight daily and there is nothing I can do about it.  I am the highest number I have ever seen on a scale and that scares the bejeebees out of me.  I am also, completely okay with it all in the end.

Let's go back a few years now...

Growing up I was a dancer.  I was a ballerina.  Now I was never amazing or anything spectacular but I did hope that one day I could be something with this passion of mine.  I quickly realized that that wouldn't ever happen.  I was five foot nothing at the age of 12 and done growing...well vertically anyways.

I have never been a twig and throughout my teenage years this was difficult for me to deal with.  I never had an eating disorder or anything like that, but I can see how kids could.  I was often sad and upset about my weight or the way that my weight sat on my hips and tummy.

Let's fast forward to being 19 years old.  I was probably the skinniest I have ever been.  I was still not happy with my number on the scale but I was thin.  This wasn't from being super active and eating right...I was up at all hours and partying.

So when I was 20 I met this amazing man...the hubs.  He made me happy.  Happier than I had ever been.  He loved me regardless of what I weighed and that was all that mattered.  Well when you are happy in life you tend to gain weight, right? So there I was up 20 pounds now that I was happy.

Life continued and we were fine.  I maintained by additional 20 pounds and then we got married.  37 days after our wedding day Ryan deployed.  I was determined to lose weight while he was gone.  I did.  I lost 18 pounds and was ready to start out lives after deployment and get ready for a family.

Ryan got home from deployment, we had our big wedding and we started trying for a family.  3 months later our dreams came true and I was expecting our first child.

My first prenatal appointment they weighed me and I was devastated.  Devastated with the number I saw.  How could this number be right?  And I have to gain more weight over the next 9 months???  Our appointment wasn't with my normal lady doctor and so when this stranger told me that my BMI was high and she only wanted me to gain 11 pounds over the course of this pregnancy I was defeated.

How could I only gain 11 pounds over the next 9-10 months?  Some women gain well over 50 pounds!!  I felt as though I could gain 11 pounds by just looking at Christmas Dinner.

So the body image issues were once again starting, but this time I was pregnant and growing a human inside of me.  How could I keep this baby healthy without me gaining more than 11 pounds??  That doctor pissed me off.  I wanted to scream and cry all at the same time.

So fast forward to seeing my actual doctor and she told me that I should gain between 25-30 pounds over the next 9-10 months.  I was relieved, but also wanting to stay as low on the scale as possible.

Each doctors appointment I dreaded getting weighed and fearful that I would gain too much weight too fast or before it was scheduled.

So now I am 35 weeks pregnant and have gained 25 pounds.  I have come to the mental conclusion that I am fine with it.  You know why?  Because it is all for my baby.  My baby needs me to maintain a healthy diet so that he can grow big and strong.  He needs me to not worry about these next 5 weeks and not going over 30 pounds gained.

I know that I have done everything right for the most part throughout this pregnancy and I know that whatever my ending number is will be fine.  I know that I will work my butt off after he is born to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I know that I have a husband who loves me and supports me no matter what.  I know that with his love and support I will lose this baby weight and potentially some more.

Bottom line?  I don't think that doctors should put weight limits on pregnant women.  I understand encouraging healthy diets and whatnot, but to say that at 8 weeks pregnant I was "OBESE" is freaking absurd!

I hope that you all take an extra second to think about this when or if you have a baby.  You have the will and motivation to gain as much or little as you want.  You will be able to get rid of that baby weight if you want to.

Thank you Amber and Juliette for talking about a subject that is often so ignored and brushed under the rug.  I hope all you girls remember that you are beautiful no matter what your body looks like and that if you have the confidence no one will notice a number on the scale.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Being Productive - Baby Edition

So remember last week when I wrote about how my baby had increased my procrastination and I was determined to get things done around my house?  Well believe it or not - IT HAPPENED!  

Saturday my mom ever so graciously came over and helped keep me on track with getting things done.  I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of our productive morning but I definitely feel a lot better about what is done around the house now when it comes to Baby Hughes.

Let's start with seeing how my list came along from last week, shall we?

+ Put away shower gifts - CHECK
+ Wash all baby clothes and bedding - CHECK
+ Finish putting crib together - CHECK

+ Paint changing table
+ Put all baby clothes in dresser or closet - CHECK

+ Decorate walls in nursery
+ Set up sleeping area next to me for him - CHECK
+ Put diaper bag together
+ Pack for hospital - including my bag, hubs' bag and baby's bag
+ Call insurance to see if breast pump is covered
+ Get breast pump
+ Get mattress protector for crib - CHECK

Okay, so there are still things to do but I still have time.  

I plan on calling the insurance company this week for sure about the breast pump.  I really hope they cover at least some of it.  I don't really want to shell out $300 for a breast pump, but obviously I will if need be.

I need to get the changing table painted as well as the two shelves for his walls.  I love to paint so this is just a matter of getting the paint and not actually doing it.

Decorating his walls will have to wait until my mom or hubs are around because they yell at me when I try to get on the step stool.  We need to get a wall lamp for above his changing table, hang shelves and get vinyl picture for above his crib.

Packing the bags.  I can't wait to do this honestly.  My mom and I did a little of this on Saturday but no where near what I want them to have or look like.  I can't wait to make my lists and share them with all of you.  I'm sure I will overpack - as I always do in life - but you can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to a baby and the fact that I have never done this before right??

Overall, I am proud of myself.  One step closer to having things squared away when the little man decides to join us. :)

Oh and btw!  I only have 8 more days of work!  I'm ecstatic!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

34 Week Bumpdate

  • How far along are you? 34 Weeks and 1 Day
  • How I'm feeling: I am sick this week so it has been sucking.  I am trying not to think about it too much but it sucks not being able to take anything to help get better sooner.  Also, my lower back is getting worse and I know that it will only keep going this way until he joins us.

  • Total weight gain:  Haven't been weighed in 2 weeks but I'm sure I've gained over 25 pounds now.  
  • How big is baby? Baby is the size of a butternut squash!

  • This week baby: is 17 1/2 inches long and weighing between 4 and 6 pounds.  He can now recognize lullabies and is peeing about a pint a day.
  • Maternity clothes: Yes
  • Sleep:  This week has been rough because of the whole being sick thing, but other than that I find that sleeping between 1AM and 5AM are my golden hours!

  • Best moment this week: Maybe not the best moment, but definitely something exciting, is that from now on they will not stop labor.  I can't believe that we could potentially meet our son any day now :)
  • Movement: He moves like crazy.  I don't have any problem with my "kick counts".  He is starting to run out of room though so the moves are more like rolls than kicks any more.
  • Food cravings: Nope. 
  • Food aversions: Nope.  
  • Belly button in or out:  STILL IN!!!!!!!!
  • What I am thankful for: I am thankful for a husband who is always there for me, especially this week when I have been sick and am a horrible patient.  :)
  • What I'm looking forward to: I'm looking forward to meeting out son.  I want him to finish cooking in there but at the same time I can't wait.  Also, I only have 10 days left of work before I start Maternity Leave :)

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    Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    So This Baby...

    So this baby has taken the normal procrastinating me to a whole new level.

    I had my baby shower two and a half months before I was due so that I would have plenty of time to get everything done before he came  I had an amazing shower, which yes I still plan to blog about, and got amazing gifts from our friends and family for Baby Caleb.

    So the problem now lays with the fact that everything we received is still sitting in our front room on the gift table from that day. I see it every evening and every evening I think that I should move one thing and put it away and eventually it will all be done. Well apparently thinking about doing it is very different than actually doing it. Lol.

    So there it all sits still...and that's not just it. His nursery is no where closer to being done, let alone the rest of our house.

    So since we all know how much I love a good list and to check things off I thought it would be the best, and honestly probably the only way, that things will get done before he joins our family.

    + Put away shower gifts
    + Wash all baby clothes and bedding
    + Finish putting crib together
    + Paint changing table
    + Move dresser
    + Put all baby clothes in dresser or closet
    + Put bedding on crib
    + Decorate walls in nursery
    + Set up sleeping area next to me for him
    + Put diaper bag together
    + Pack for hospital - including my bag, hubs' bag and baby's bag
    + Call insurance to see if breast pump is covered
    + Get breast pump
    + Get mattress protector for crib

    This is probably a good place to start. Wish me luck. :)

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    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Anniversary Weekend Recap

    Hey Y'all!

    So if you stopped by yesterday you would have seen that it was mine and the hubs' second wedding anniversary.  I still can't believe that we have been married for two years.

    So since our actual anniversary fell on a Monday we decided to celebrate the weekend before.  Mondays are long days for both of us at work and instead of feeling rushed to get through the day to enjoy our evening together we opted to celebrate this past weekend.

    We started our anniversary weekend out on Saturday morning bright and early.  I woke up with a terrible sore throat, and of course being afraid of ruining our weekend we called the advice nurse and found out if I could take anything considering I am pregnant.  We got that all straightened out and went about our day.

    Our first adventure was to Folsom to get massages.  The hubs is not a huge massage fan, I am a total fan of course, so he only gets them when I book them for us on special occasions.  This was our third appointment together in the 5 years that we have been a couple.

    We got out massages at Hoshall's and it was fabulous.  I scheduled the hubs for a 60 minute Swedish Massage that included a trip to the dry sauna and a steam shower afterwards.  I scheduled myself the "Mama" Sage Pregnancy Massage.  I did not get to use the sauna or steam shower but that was okay with me.

    The massages were absolutely amazing.  It was so relaxing and exactly what we both needed.

    We then headed home and relaxed until our dinner reservations.  We both ended up taking a nap, which isn't like us, and got rejuvenated for our evening.

    Next stop was dinner.  We had reservations for dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  We had gone here three years ago for a dating anniversary and it was amazing.  We decided it was perfect for this year as well.

    We started the evening off at the bar where we grabbed some cocktails.  ::Obviously mine was a Mocktail::  I used to work with the bartender there and since we were celebrating he hooked us up very nicely.  He poured us a Crown Royal and Coke, a Shirley Temple, a Virgin Blackberry Martini and a shot of Crown Royal XR.  The hubs thought that the extra shot was just a sidecar, but it turned out that it was the Crown Royal XR and it turns out that Ruth's Chris sells it for $60/shot.  Kyle was so nice to gift it to us for our anniversary!

    We then moved to our table and were greeted with rose petals all over celebrating our anniversary.  This is one of the things we love best about Ruth's Chris.

    The hubs wanted to start with an appetizer and ordered Crab stuffed Mushrooms.  He was so excited and pleased with how they turned out.

    We both proceeded to get salad, Hubs a Steak Salad and me the Caesar.  Next came the entrees.  I ordered the Fillet and the hubs got the Fillet and Lobster Tail.  I cannot speak well enough about the Fillet.  It is so tender and juicy and smothered in the best sauce and spices.  It is literally worth every single penny.  Hubs was happy with his Fillet and Lobster Tail, although like always wishes that there was more Lobster for the price.  The thing I love most is that all of their steaks come out on plates that are 500 degrees so that your first bite is the same temperature as your last.  For most, this might not be a big deal, but I tend to eat on the slower side so I really appreciate this feature.

    We chose to have Chipotle Honey-Mustard Fingerling Potatoes and Mashed Potatoes as our sides.

    We were gifted a dessert for our dessert and got a Honey Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

    It was the perfect way to end our dinner.  We couldn't have had a better experience.

    Two years down, eternity left to go.

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    Monday, July 14, 2014

    Two Years Ago Was The Best "Yes" Ever

    I cannot believe that it has been two years since I said yes to the man of my dreams.  I feel as though it was forever ago and just yesterday all at the same time.

    If you haven't read our story of our wedding day yet, you can read it here and get all caught up.

    Dearest Husband of Mine,
    I am so incredibly proud and honored to tell people that I am your wife.  Nothing makes me happier than having you by my side for the rest of eternity.  I can't imagine my life without you. 

    You are the:
    Mac to my Cheese
    Chocolate to my Chip
    Mashed to my Potato
    Peanut to my Butter
    Ice to my Cream
    Ying to my Yang

    I am so glad that two years ago you took a chance and asked me to be yours forever.  It was one of the best moments of my life, only to be tied with the news that we will be having a little.

    I can't wait to see how we continue to grow as husband and wife and as mommy and daddy.

    I love you!

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    Monday, July 7, 2014

    Happy Independence Day

    2010 - first fish I ever caught was our first 4th of July together




    I can't wait to continue to add pictures to our 4th of July album.  This year we have Hank and a huge baby belly.  Next year that baby belly will be a big 11 month old boy.  Oh goodness...

    Happy 4th of July y'all!
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    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    32 Week Bumpdate

  • How far along are you? 32 Weeks and 1 Day
  • How I'm feeling: This week has been rough.  My back, tailbone especially, has not been feeling great.  Hopefully he will shift again soon and the majority of the discomfort will subside.

  • Total weight gain:  Doctors appointment yesterday confirmed that I have gained 23 pounds. She didn't say that she was concerned so I feel okay about it but I don't want to go above 35 total if possible. Wish me luck. :)
  • How big is baby? Baby is the size of a squash this week! :)  

  • This week baby: is about 16 inches long and weighs over 3 pounds.  He is most likely head down and preparing for his entrance into the world. 
  • Maternity clothes: Yes.  And I finally bought capris and shorts!
  • Sleep:  Getting tougher by the night. I feel bad for my lovely husband who has to put up with it as well. 

  • Best moment this week: We heard his heartbeat again yesterday. He is growing strong and healthy. Also, not baby related but Hank Hughes comes home today!!
  • Movement: He is mighty inside my belly. He kicks and punches me all day long. I might have a very active child on my hands. Lol
  • Food cravings: Nope. 
  • Food aversions: Nope.  
  • Belly button in or out:  My belly button is STILL in!!!!!!!
  • What I am thankful for: We only have 8 weeks left and it is going to be during our hottest months...I'm glad we don't have longer left just because of that factor. 
  • What I'm looking forward to: Getting Caleb's nursery together and washing all of his stuff. 
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    Meatball Subs

    So I am not known for my cooking skills.

    Shocked?  I didn't think so.  LOL.

    Well anyways.  I have been trying to get better especially since when I am home on Maternity Leave I want to be cooking and baking up a storm to 1. Save money and 2. Be more domestic.  :)

    So I came up with a new dinner for me and the hubs this week and it was a hit!!!

    Super easy and quick.

    We had Meatball Subs for dinner.

    Frozen Meatballs - Or homemade if you so choose
    Marinara Sauce - whichever kind you like
    Hoagie Rolls
    Mozzarella Cheese - shredded

    I took the frozen meatballs and put them and the sauce in a pan.  I covered them while over a low heat for 25 minutes.  We then took the hoagies and loaded them up with the balls and sauce.  Top it off with some shredded mozzarella cheese and you are set!

    The hubs absolutely loved them and they were so easy!

    I know it isn't much, but for this girl who can barely make anything other than boiled pasta it is a step in the right direction! :)

    Any good, easy recipes you want to share with me?  I am always open for ideas!

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    Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    July Goals - And A Recap From June

    Another month has come and gone.  Here is a recap on my June goals and my new goals for July :)


    1. Get paperwork organized
      Totally did this!!! :)  My mom came over and helped me decide what we needed to keep, shred and recycle.  It is one step closer to being an organized home over here! :)
    2. Host Baby Shower with Baby C's Mima
      We totally did this!  It was awesome too if I do say so myself :)  I will have a post on this and everything we did to prepare and what we received.
    3. Get car inside garage
      This didn't happen yet :(  I am still hopeful that it will happen though.
    4. Work on the house
      This ongoing goal went fantastic this month.  We got a screen door for the back slider and planted a tree in the front yard.  A home update will be coming shortly as well as we have done quite a bit on our lists :)
    5. Go on more walks
      We failed at this again. :(  The summer heat here in California is definitely rearing it's head and making it hard for us to get out and walk.  My feet are swelling from the heat and walking on them wouldn't help at this point.
    6. Drink more water
      I have been doing great at this!  I have been drinking all of my water at work and even more once I get home.  I have been having quite a bit of sugary drinks too lately though and I need to cut those out once again.
    7. Save more money
      So for the first time in quite a few months we were actually able to put some money into our savings account!  I couldn't be more excited and can't wait to continue this.
    8. Go on at least 2 dates with the hubs
      Ugh...once again this didn't happen. :(  Why is life so busy?
    9. Plan anniversary weekend
      So we totally can't wait for our anniversary weekend!  It is only 2 weeks away!  I can't wait to relax and enjoy time with my hubs!
    10. Stop being a hoarder sentimental teenage girl and throw ya crap out
      This didn't happen as stated above by me not being able to park in the garage yet.

    JULY GOALS 2014:

    1. Get car in garage
      I am super hopeful that this will actually happen this month.  I want to be in the garage before I start maternity leave - and that is in just 5 short weeks.
    2. Enjoy our anniversary weekend
      We are planning on getting massages and going to a wonderful dinner.  I can't believe it has almost been two years.  I can't wait.
    3. Put together Baby Hughes' nursery
      We have his dresser, changing table and crib already set up, but I want to get the finishing touches done.  We need to put his bedding on and paint the changing table.
    4. Pack hospital bag
      I know that this seems silly, but I want to be prepared.  I am really hopeful that he won't be overdue and might even grace us with his presence a few days early :)
    5. Wash all baby items
      We have so many clothes, blankets, bibs, washcloths, etc. to get all cleaned and ready for our little boy's arrival.
    6. Save more money
      As always.  I  hope we can save at least 10% of our income this month.
    7. Drink more water
      I have been doing so well with my water intake and I don't want it to end.  I will be keeping this as a goal to keep me motivated.
    8. Don't be such a hoarder
      I need to clean my stuff out of the garage.  My mom will hopefully help me with this just like she did with the papers.
    9. Print and hang maternity pictures
      Since we just received our pictures I can't wait to put them up in our house.  I have a few DIY projects planned for them.  :)
    10. Work on Gallery Wall in living room
      We are making our living room wall a complete gallery wall with all black and white photos and items.  I cannot wait to get this started/finished.  An obvious post will be coming to go along with this one :)
    Good luck to you on your goals and have a fabulous July!!!

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    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    Maternity Pictures

    I am so excited that we received our disk of maternity pictures in the mail this weekend!

    We took our photos a month ago.  I can't believe that it has already been that long, but it has and I still love them and can't wait to post them around our house and in Baby Hughes' nursery.

    We took our photos at Veteran's Memorial Park in Roseville, CA on a beautiful Sunday morning.  It was supposed to be a hot one so luckily our photographer didn't mind us taking our pictures earlier than later.

    We started the morning out with a cheeseburger for breakfast - yes, you can judge me - and Starbucks. :)

    We then headed over to the park and got down to business.

    Now, I won't say that we take the best pictures, but I really don't hate getting my picture taken :)  My husband on the other hand?  He could do without a single picture of him ever.  Luckily for me and our memories, he was a trooper and had a good time while we were there.

    We had our pictures taken by the amazing Lindsey of LG grow with me Photography.  LG went to school with our friends and they have used her for all of their family and baby pictures.  We couldn't wait to have her shoot our baby in my belly.

    LG was super easy to get in contact with and helped us pick a perfect date and location for the types of pictures we wanted.

    We had a 1 hour session and received 15 edited pictures on a disk with full printing rights.

    She said that it would take her 2-3 weeks to edit the photos for us to choose from...She got them done in 1 week exactly!  I was totally impressed!

    We then had to go through the ones that she took and pick the 15 that we liked best.  She offered us all of the pictures for a minimal additional charge, but there were some that I didn't like how they looked - mostly because of my double chin from being pregnant - so we stuck with our 15 that were already included in our package.

    I, once again, love them and can't wait to get them printed out and hung in our house.

    I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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