Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The day I became Mrs. Hughes

July 14, 2012 started just like any other day in our house. A beautiful summer Saturday that was going to be full of family and good times. My family, uncle and cousin, were here from out of town. Any time our relatives from other states come to town we all usually try to get together. This time we, well not me because I was obviously not to know anything, chose Black Angus. Dinner was set and I was ready for the day.

I spent the whole day over at my mom's house hanging out with my cousin and Ryan stayed at home. I thought Ryan had been upset with me or something because he didn't want to hang out with us during the day. When I had asked him to come over he said that he was fine staying at home and he would see me for dinner. Little did I know he was being sneaky and planning the big question.

We went to dinner just like any other time and I still thought nothing of it. We were all having fun joking and laughing and enjoying being together. I remember in between dinner and dessert Ryan and my cousin went off to the bar. I didn't think anything of it but then when they returned everyone looked like they were in on some big joke. Me, being the paranoid baby that I am, swore that they were planning a trick on me. I went over and my cousin swooped in to take me to get a drink. I did and when we returned it happened. The moment a girl waits her whole life for.

I returned from the bar with a VodkaCran in hand and Ryan said, "Can I try that?" Odd because he obviously knows what it tastes like and doesn't necessarily care for them but I said, "Okay" then without hesitation he set my drink down behind him, dropped to one knee and made me the happiest girl in the world! He asked ME to marry HIM!!!! I was in shock! All I kept saying was, "Are you serious?!? Are you serious?!?" I was so excited and surprised. Best moment ever.

I love that Ryan chose to propose in front of my family. We are very close and I couldn't have imagined it going a better way. My mom was completely shocked! She had been praying for this day because she hated that Ryan was deploying again and we wouldn't be married or engaged. She knew how much I wanted it. Ryan ended up not telling my mom because he thought she would spill the beans to me since we are so close. I know she could have kept it a surprise for me but its kind of fun that she didn't know either

Now you might be asking how we get from a proposal to marriage since this dinner happened around 6:00 and the proposal close to 7:00?  Well as I mentioned before my mom was really hoping that we would be married before deployment and with all the excitement and liquid encouragement my family had no problem throwing out the idea of a Reno wedding. Lol. I never thought Ryan would go for it. It shows that even after 3 years together you are still always learning more about each other. Ryan said "let's go!" I was now in double shock! I was just proposed to and now we were scrambling home to get back on the road to Reno to go tie the knot!

Ryan and I went home and changed outfits, nothing fancy, just more comfortable and we were on the road. We had us, my mom, mike, Emmett, and my 5 cousins. We hauled but up to Reno leaving the house at 9:00. (Fun little side note that most probably don't know, Nevada had passed a new law that had courthouses and chapels closing at midnight now and not reopening until 6:00am to prevent as many drunken marriages). With this new information, that we found out on our way up, we were racing to get there in time. I remember sitting in the back seat of the car panicking that we wouldn't make it in time and it was all going to be for nothing.

We arrived in Reno at the courthouse at 11:35, got our marriage license, ran a couple of blocks to the chapel that we had an 11:45 appointment at and got hitched! It was literally so fast and somewhat of a blur. I just remember looking at Ryan and thinking, "OMG! I am marrying the man of my dreams and best friend right now!"
Our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Hughes

We got a celebratory drink afterwards and drove back home. I was now Mrs. Ryan Hughes! Completely happy and so in love!

P.s. If you're wondering why we didn't shout it from he rooftops, our answer is simple...we didn't want drama or rumors to spread (I.e. She's pregnant, they're only doing it for the money) we are completely in love and still happy with our decision. Our closest friends and family knew and it was something that kept us stronger thru the deployment. I will forever be grateful for Black Angus, my family, and Ryan for planning the most perfect engagement and wedding day!

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