Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So This Baby...

So this baby has taken the normal procrastinating me to a whole new level.

I had my baby shower two and a half months before I was due so that I would have plenty of time to get everything done before he came  I had an amazing shower, which yes I still plan to blog about, and got amazing gifts from our friends and family for Baby Caleb.

So the problem now lays with the fact that everything we received is still sitting in our front room on the gift table from that day. I see it every evening and every evening I think that I should move one thing and put it away and eventually it will all be done. Well apparently thinking about doing it is very different than actually doing it. Lol.

So there it all sits still...and that's not just it. His nursery is no where closer to being done, let alone the rest of our house.

So since we all know how much I love a good list and to check things off I thought it would be the best, and honestly probably the only way, that things will get done before he joins our family.

+ Put away shower gifts
+ Wash all baby clothes and bedding
+ Finish putting crib together
+ Paint changing table
+ Move dresser
+ Put all baby clothes in dresser or closet
+ Put bedding on crib
+ Decorate walls in nursery
+ Set up sleeping area next to me for him
+ Put diaper bag together
+ Pack for hospital - including my bag, hubs' bag and baby's bag
+ Call insurance to see if breast pump is covered
+ Get breast pump
+ Get mattress protector for crib

This is probably a good place to start. Wish me luck. :)

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  1. Good luck! I know especially during the end you just want to relax and not do anything at all. You can do it!

  2. Ahhh this is a good reminder for me too - thanks for that.
    I've got a little tad bit longer than you though, so I'll probably put it off as well...