Monday, June 2, 2014

June Goals - And A Recap From Last Month

I cannot believe that we are down another month in this amazing year.  I am so excited because it means we are one month closer to bringing home baby, but also terrified!  We have so much to do still before he comes and since having a list is always helpful I will try and continue to do this.  Plus with it being on the blog, I feel like it holds me more accountable for actually getting things done.

So before I move onto my goals for June, lets see how I did with May shall we?  Forewarning, I don't think it went as well as I had hoped, but there is always this month :)


  1. Pack up our house
    Our lease is officially over - as of Monday actually - so we are moving on up...literally...we are moving North of where we live now.
     Awesome!  We did this!  It was slow and somewhat painful on my end, but we got it all packed up and out of there.
  2. Move into a new house
    As stated above we are moving this month and we couldn't be more excited.  I hope unpacking goes better than packing has so far. :) I get a tad bit dramatic overwhelmed when it comes to packing.
     We moved into our new house!  And I LOVE IT!!! I can't tell people enough.  We are still unpacking, but for the most part we have stuff together. :)
  3. Register for Baby Stuff
    We are rapidly approaching the Baby Shower date and soon after that the arrival of our little guy.  I need to get on the registry :)  Plus who doesn't love to register at stores??
      Oh man, so I knew that this was an easy task to get off my list for this month.  I couldn't wait to register and it was a blast!  I still find myself going through them online and adding/deleting things.  I can't wait to see what Baby C gets. :)
  4. Decorate the Nursery
    Along with moving we will now have the perfect bedroom for our little man.  My father-in-law and hubs will be painting it to match the furniture we are bringing in.  Once painted we will just need to organize and get things ready for him.
     So I am going to say that we got this done.  His room is painted and we even have two pieces of furniture for him already.  
  5. Save more money
    Always a goal of ours.  Especially now that we are having a baby.  I hope to save at least 10% of our checks each payday.  We will see how this works out.  So this didn't work out how well I wanted it too.  We tried to put some money away this month as planned, but with moving into a new house that isn't newly built there are always things that you need.  We didn't save any but we also didn't have to transfer out of savings to cover expenses either.  I call this a partial win.
  6. Plan a Babymoon
    Ryan and I really want to just get away for a weekend before I get too big and the baby is here.  As I have stated before we don't have bottomless wallets and can't do anything huge, but we are planning a very nice spa day for the both of us.  I want to have this planned and booked by the end of this month so that we can go at the end of June or early July.
      So I have decided that since we are trying to save money and did just buy a fabulous house that we are not going to go on a Babymoon.  As much as I would love to, it just isn't ideal for us right now.  I do plan on making sure we go have a spa day at least though because this Mommy-to-be needs one!
  7. Go on at least 2 dates just the two of us
    The hubs and I eat out our fare share amounts but it isn't ever really what we consider dates.  It's happy hour at Claim Jumpers after a doctors appointment or pizza because we don't want to cook.  I would like us to plan at least 2 nights where we get a little gussied up and paint the town red. :)  So we didn't do this either.  We ate together plenty, obviously, but not anything that I would consider a date.  It is good to keep this as a rolling goal though.  Better luck this month Hughes'.
  8. Get our paperwork organized
    We are both guilty of just throwing our "important" papers in our spare room on top of a filing cabinet.  A filing cabinet, mind you, that hubs brought into the relationship and has never been cleaned out most likely.  So with all the changes this month we are also going to change how we organize our paperwork :)  I am so looking forward to this.  I love organization :)  I am so sad to say that we did not get this done either!  :(  I did go out and buy the stuff to get organized, it just didn't happen.  I have already asked my mom to help me with this though so it will be getting done in June!  
  9. Drink more water
    This is always a goal for me, even before I was pregnant.  I just get so tired of the taste and I wish I would just crave water like some people.  So this entire week I have been doing great at drinking close to 80 ounces a day and I want to make it a goal for this entire month to get at least 60 ounces in while at work.  Wish me luck!
      Definitely kicked ass at this one.  I'm sure my doctor would like me to drink a little more, but I definitely increased my water intake for the month of May and I am proud of myself for that.
  10. Start walking more regularly now that it isn't raining anymore We were doing so good with walking until Hank went off to school.  We were taking family walks nightly after dinner and it was great for all of us.  Now that he is gone we have stopped completely and it saddens my heart.  This month we need to get back in the walking game :)  Man we totally suck at my goal list...We didn't do this.  The entire month we went on one walk and it wasn't that intense. :(
Okay, so that kind of blows to see the above results.  Makes me motivated to actually kick ass in June though.  So here we go...


  1. Get paperwork organized
    This WILL happen!  I bought cute color dividers that I will be putting all of our stuff in to.  I definitely need a file for House Stuff, Car Stuff, Tax Stuff, Medical Stuff, and Personal Documents.  I am sure I will find more things that need to be in dividers and luckily my mommy will definitely be able to help me with that.  I cannot wait!  :)
  2. Host Baby Shower with Baby C's Mima
    So it might sound weird that I am hosting my own baby shower, but I am a control freak and can't handle not knowing what is going on.  I would have loved for someone else to throw one for me, but I just couldn't wait.  What if Baby C comes early and I am not prepared?  Worry Wart party of 1 step right up :)  So with the help of my wonderful mommy, Baby C's Mima, we are going to throw the best damn shower anyone has ever seen! :)
  3. Get car inside garage
    So this is a big goal of ours for this month.  We still have a lot of boxes and what not in the way in the garage which is preventing me from being able to park inside of it.  This month we will get the garage tidied up and my car inside :)
  4. Work on the house
    This is an ongoing goal now that we own a house and we have been kicking some major ass.  We still have a long list of things we want to do, so this will probably be a continuous goal each month for a while.  This month I would at least like to get all boxes unpacked and knobs on the kitchen drawers/cabinets.
  5. Go on more walks
    So as you saw from up above, we failed at this.  But with this mama getting quite large and in charge, we need to make sure that it is just baby weight I am gaining and not anything extra.  We will be going on family walks at least 3 nights a week this month! :)
  6. Drink more water
    My goal this month is to drink at least 48-60 ounces of water while at work M-F.  I figure if I drink that amount while at work that I will have no problem getting at least 60 ounces in a day and more of what my doctor wants me to be drinking a day.  Wish me luck, this is the hardest goal for me by far.
  7. Save more money
    As always.  Who doesn't want to save more money??  I am hoping that we can actually put some away this month.  It is very nice that we don't have a mortgage payment this month so that we can get on track and start fresh in July with mortgage payments and bills in general.
  8. Go on at least 2 dates with the hubs
    I pray that we can do this.  Our weekends are filling up quickly, in fact, if I'm not mistaken I think we only have 2 Saturdays that aren't booked already.  We shall see and cross our fingers that the hubs and I can get fancy one night, just the two of us :)
  9. Plan anniversary weekend
    So since we aren't going on a Babymoon anymore, as stated above, I want to do something extra nice for our anniversary weekend.  Our wedding anniversary in on a Monday this year, and since Ryan wasn't home for our anniversary last year, I want the weekend before to be extra special.  I can't wait to see what happens.  I can't believe it has almost been 2 years.  The best 2 years of my life for sure!
  10. Stop being a hoarder sentimental teenage girl and throw ya crap out
    So this is part of the garage project and a real thing.  I am not a hoarder, well I am according to my husband, but not by my definition.  I like to call myself overly sentimental.  I can't throw stuff away without someone - A.K.A. my mom - telling me that it is okay and that I don't need it.  She has agreed to help me go through the 20+ boxes that are in my garage and help me dwindle them down to only necessities.

So there ya have it folks.  Wish me luck on my June goals and I can't wait to see if this month goes a little bit better than May did. :)
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  1. The saving money one is a killer always!! LOL the not being a hoarder is hard when things have sentimental value haha! good luck! I would love if you would check out my giveaway on some awesome cruelty free face products :)

  2. You did better at your May goals than I did! I love that your goals include dates with your husband, I think that's super important.

  3. Wow looks like you are doing great on your goals!