Friday, June 20, 2014

30 Weeks...Which Means Only 10 Weeks Left

Oh my goodness!  Is this actually possible?  Are we only 10 weeks away from meeting our sweet little boy!?!?  I am in total shock at how quickly this pregnancy seems to be going by.  I am loving every second of it and don't ever want it to end, but I can't wait to meet him at the same time.

I guess if you haven't already figured it out I will let you know what Baby Hughes' name is.

In August, hopefully, we will be welcoming Caleb Tyler Hughes to our family! :)  We cannot be more excited!

We are in love with his name and can't wait to see who he grows up to be.
::If you don't love this name or have a negative connotation with it, please keep it to yourself.  We will not be changing it nor caring what others have to say about it::

Since there are only 10 weeks left of this pregnancy I thought I would reminisce on some things that I can no longer do due to my wonderful baby bump!

  1. See my feet
    • I actually haven't been able to see my feet since I was about 18 weeks.  My bump came out of no where and my feet are tiny.
  2. See my lady parts
    • This just snuck up on me!  It occurred to me the other day when I couldn't remember which underwear I was wearing {because I am a little cray cray when it comes to my undies}
  3. Clip, file or paint my own toenails
    • I clipped, filed and painted my own toenails 3 weeks ago for our maternity pictures and since then have not been able to.  I guess I will just have to go get a pedicure :)
  4. Get pots and pans out of our cupboards
    • Our pots and pans are on the lowest shelves in our kitchen.  I have always had my kitchen set up this way and thought nothing of it.  That was, until the other night I couldn't even bend over enough to get one.  The hubs will be pulling out pots and pans from here on out until Baby C joins us.
  5. Pop out of bed
    • Now there has never been any "popping" out of bed pre-pregnancy, but in the middle of the night when I have to go potty it takes me twice as long to get up and go.
  6. Roll over in bed without actually waking up
    • You know how you just flip and flop at night without even knowing it??  Well not when you are pregnant!!!  This could possibly be my own fault since I am still sleeping on my stomach, but I definitely wake up every time I want to change positions.  Dang bump. :)
  7. Get up in our truck without it taking the life out of me
    • We do not have a bro-d out truck, but we do have a slight lift on it.  Unless the hubs parks right next to a curb so that it boosts me up a little bit, getting in and out of the truck these days takes all my might and a lot of skill.
  8. Wear non-maternity tops 
    • My bump sort of sticks out of the bottom of most of my pre-baby shirts.  While it is cute (to my mom) I don't want to seem trashy.  I can still wear workout tops and the hubs shirts of course, but other than that, it is all non-maternity.
  9. Reach the bottom of the washing machine
    • Seems like something you wouldn't think of huh?  Well me either, until I couldn't reach a dang towel this weekend.  I love doing laundry - and by love I mean I like being the one to sort, wash and put in the dryer.  That folding and hanging business is for the birds!  I guess the hubs and my mom will have to start helping out in this department - especially since we haven't washed anything for baby yet.
  10. Make the drive home without having to pee right before I leave work and as soon as I get home
    • Now I have had the world's smallest bladder my entire life but it has gotten worse the further along with this pregnancy I get.  I must go pee before I leave work, drive 25 minutes home and pee the second I pull in my driveway.  I can thank my mama for this wonderful trait :)

I know, I know, these are all #firstworldpreggogirlproblems but I just can't help myself.

Are there any things that you can no longer do due to being preggers?

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