Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve and Day

Happy New Year!  

This is the start to a beautiful new chapter in our book that we call life.  I am so excited to see what it holds for us and those around us.

Before I do a post about my hopes and dreams in 2014 (probably tomorrow) I'd like to tell you about my New Year's Eve and New Year's Day - also known as my birthday!

New Year's Eve:
The hubby and I both had to work that day.  He was "lucky" (in quotes because although it is nice that he got off early, it does mean not a full day's pay.) enough to get off work at noon - I, not so much.  We had planned on going to Round Table Pizza for the buffet for dinner with my mom that evening.  We did and it was fabulous - once the little unhappy b**ches got over the fact that they were working on New Year's Eve at 5:30PM! ::Seriously, it is still early enough for you to serve me my pizza because it is your job and then go have a splendid evening::  Anywhoo!  So once pizza was over we went home to feed Hank ::the puppy:: his dinner and then headed over to our besties' house for some after dinner hang out.  We had a great time with them and ended up staying way later than expected.  You see, the hubs and I had no intention of being out later than like 10.  We are "old" and are totally fine with that.  We ended up leaving and getting home around 11:30.  Although we were so close we hit the hay.  It was fine with me - I was tired after working all day and was ready to wake up to it being my birthday!

New Year's Day:
It was my birthday!  I can't believe it!  I'm now one quarter of a century!  It doesn't feel quite possible.  To think that my mommy was in a hospital 25 years ago waiting to meet me ::which she thought I was going to be a boy - SURPRISE!  A little chubby girl with tons of hair popped out instead:: is insane.  As much as my birthday has always been a pain - sorry Mommy for making you spend a holiday in the hospital - it is great now that I am older.  I don't feel as jipped anymore now that I understand that people love going out on New Year's Eve and hungover might not feel the best on the 1st of the year.  My mom and dad never let my birthday be anything less than amazing and for that I am so thankful.  I now have a husband who does the same.  He lets me have both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to decide what we do.  :)  I love him so!  

Now to what we did.  We woke up - and by we I mean me - at a whopping 7:00AM and started the day.  We relaxed with the pups for a bit and then Ryan gave me my present.  I was so excited.  If you don't know by now, I love presents!  I really only asked for one thing this year for Christmas and my birthday and I had told it to Ryan back near Thanksgiving - a black peacoat.  I was so surprised when he actually got it for me.  It is perfect and exactly what I wanted.  

 We then went to Perko's for breakfast because I wanted bacon! :) We then went to our local theatre and saw American Hustle.  It was good but a little slow for our liking.  After the movie we went back home and relaxed in the living room.  It was perfectly wonderful.  I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my hubby - especially during duck season when he loves to go on the weekends.  We then got ready for the evening and went to dinner.  It is my tradition, and when it started I have no idea but I thank my parents, that we have Chinese food for dinner every year on my birthday.  There has not been a year I remember not having Chinese.  I love it!  :)  We headed over to P.F. Chang's and enjoyed a lovely evening with my mom, Mike, my in-laws and our best friends, the Parsons.  

It was a wonderful way to welcome in this milestone birthday.  I couldn't have felt more loved and special than I did last night.  I can't wait to see what 25 has in store for me! :)


  1. Happy late birthday Sara! Can you believe we are 25? Wasn't it yesterday we were in Miss Ed's dance class together being complete dorks?! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday with the ones you love most!!

    1. Thank you! And I know! I can't believe it either! Those were the days!