Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday! 2014 Edition!

Today I am linking up again with the Darci for 5 on Friday.  This is the first one I have done in 2014, which I can't believe!  Without further ado:

I am so ecstatic that it is finally FRIDAY!!!!  This last week - and I mean since last Friday - has definitely kicked my ass.  Work was not fun, although lately I'm not sure it ever is.  Maybe time for a change in the near future?  That is another post for another time.  And who am I kidding, I won't be doing anything about my job for at least another year, if ever, but complain.

I am having a birthday party with my family tomorrow for me and my Grandpa's birthdays :)  Although my birthday was forever weeks ago, we only get together once a month for the adult birthdays in my family.  That way we don't have to reschedule our lives every weekend for the next birthday.  It works out nicely.  I can't wait for the ice cream cake!

I cannot believe we are already half way through January!  I feel as though we just had Christmas and my 25th!  This year seems to already be flying by.

Ryan and I made some calls and emails yesterday to try and start the process of getting a house! :)  I couldn't be more excited!  Our lease is up in April and I don't want to extend it for any amount of time.  I am hoping our demands wants aren't too much while looking and that it comes somewhat easy for us :)  Fingers crossed!

I am thinking about going back to the gym next week.  I know, I know..."thinking about it Sara?"  But I am really hoping to do it.  I went 4 days a week while Ryan was deployed and I had success.  I am hoping that we can both get in a routine and still have fun with it.  Ryan will most likely want to start going a lot due to an upcoming test that will require him to be in excellent shape when he passes! :)  Wish us luck!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend!  Next week I am going to try and post all 5 days!  I haven't done it since the #12DaysofBlogging and I really want to make that a goal of mine.  Also, I want to finish the wedding recaps and get moving on to bigger and better things that have happened in our lives since then :)

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  1. It is so much easier to hit the gym when the man is deployed! I tried to hit the gym one day this year. Not one single elliptical was open. I just am going to dvd it up until the gym dies back down. Buuuut we can be cyber work out buds! Lets do this Sara :)

    1. I am totally down if you are! I have some DVDs that I can do in my living room. LOL. Keep me motivated Sara! :)

  2. House hunting can be stressful but also fun just stay positive if your offer gets denied & just think it wasn't meant to be. I hate the gym lol

    1. Thank you. I know. I am going to try and not get my hopes set too high so that I don't get disappointed if something doesn't happen. LOL.

  3. I feel the same way about January just FLYING by! Crazy!!! We're well past the middle bonkers is that?! Hope y'all had a fun joint-bday celebration weekend. And that the cake was oh-so-fabulous. Happy late, late bday to you, darling heart! xx

    1. Thank you! The cake was amazing! Just what I wanted. And thank you for the belated birthday wishes. XO!