Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Favorite Ornament {12 Days Of Christmas}

Today is Day #2 of #12DaysOfBlogging with Amber and Erin and I am so excited to be apart of this linkup. 
Today's topic: What is your favorite ornament?


Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of the year ::besides birthdays and FALL::

I love all of the lights and trees and festive decorations.  I love snuggling up next to a fire while you watch a movie or television show and the only other light is coming from your beautiful tree.  But the thing I probably love most about Christmas are the ornaments!

Ornaments have always been a big thing in my family.  I remember every year I would make more than one for my mom and she would always put them on the tree.  I know realize that mine and my brother's arts and crafts ornaments were probably taking over the tree at some point and she had to dwindle down her ornaments.  But still, ornaments are special and in their own way tell a story.

As a little girl ::and now still:: I loved going to the Ballet and getting to choose an ornament from the show.  My mom never stopped us from getting ornaments.  My mom has a theme for her trees and the colors never change, but there is something about those special little ornaments that help bring it to life.

If you look at my mom's Christmas tree you will see vacations she has been on, adventures in her life, and the story of her children.  This year I have taken many of my ornaments and hung them on our tree.  There are some that I made when I was young and of course the "Baby's First Christmas" ornament.  Each one tells my story.  Tells someone how I am crafty, love dance, love animals, love Christmas and mostly, now, love my husband.

My favorite ornaments are the ones of us.  I started getting personalized ornaments for us in 2010.  Our first Christmas together was in 2009 but we had only been together a short while so we did not get one that year.  I have an ornament showing how we have grown over these past 5 Christmases together.  We went from dating, living together, married and now Mommy and Daddy to our Pup Pup Abbie and soon-to-be another little Pup Pup. 

I cannot wait to see how our ornaments grow over the next few years and continue to tell our story.  I am sure that it will be a great book by the end, but I am more than ready to watch slowly as the pages write themselves.

We haven't found our 2011 ornament yet this year ::i'm hoping that we didn't lose it::


  1. I like your personalized ornaments! We got married right before CHristmas in we have so MANY "first Christmas 2010" ornaments because everyone gave them to us as wedding gifts!

    1. That is so funny! I guess that would be a common gift for December weddings. But I do love them. They tell their own little story each year.

  2. i have failed so far in getting ornaments for my husband and i, but now this is making me want to get on the train...i'm not too late, right?

    1. You are never too late! Start the tradition now! I get mine from our local festival every year but I know that there are plenty of websites that do them also. Maybe even check Etsy? Super easy and a cute little story for each year. :)