Friday, December 6, 2013

5 on Friday

So here is my first ever 5 on Friday.  Let's see how it goes :)

I am so excited that we will be getting our Christmas tree very soon!  I am hoping for tonight but definitely by Sunday if all goes well our house will be festive and smelling more and more like Christmas!

I am part of my first ever Blog Hop over at Casey's today!  I love getting my blog out there and seeing how many other bloggers there are out in the universe.

I cannot believe how far behind I am on Christmas presents this year.  Usually I am the girl who is done with everything before Thanksgiving so that I can fully enjoy the holiday season and not stress.  I am hoping that this next week will  provide me with the time and moolah to complete this last few presents we need to get.

I am getting to know the girls that I am paired up with for Cara Box thanks to Kaitlyn.  I am so excited to be a part of this program for women around the country and part of the blogging and now IG universe.  I cannot wait to see how the friendships and blogships grow over the next couple of months.

I am so excited that we are already in December.  I cannot believe that it is already here but I could not be happier.  This is the first year me and the hubs will spend the holidays together since we got married.  I am so glad that he is home safe and sound and will be here for all of the upcoming festivities.


  1. THRILLED that you linked up with Fresh Face Friday, lovely! It's always nice to be able to fall in the giant rabbit hole that is The Internet and see what you find! xo

    1. Yes! I'm so glad. I'm loving the blogging world!!!!

  2. I am so happy that your hubby is home safe and sound as well :) TJ was over in Germany during the holidays last year, so this is our first year together for Christmas as a married couple and I can't wait to start celebrating the holiday with him for the first time as his wife :) xo

    1. Thank you!! It is so nice having him home. As you know spending the holidays without your hubby for the first year is tough. I'm glad both Ryan and TJ are home safe and sound with their wives. It is bound to be a wonderful holiday season this year! :)

  3. December is a very happy month--I hope your houses looks very festive after you get your tree up!

    1. yes! We got the tree on Friday night but had a very busy weekend due to the hubby playing Army Man this weekend. We have a date to decorate the big beauty tonight and can't wait to post pictures of it! I hope you have a great holiday season!