Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birthday Present Disaster

So as you know yesterday was the hubby's birthday.  I had planned a great gift for him.  Something I knew he wanted but we wouldn't spend the money on normally because it wasn't a necessity at the time.  I planned it out and ordered his gift online.  The package got delivered to my mom's house and we went to pick it up.  When I got there I made Ryan stay in the truck while I grabbed it - it wasn't in another box to hide the logo!  If he saw it he would know what his present was ::and keeping a present a secret is a huge thing with me::  I had to hide it in the truck and then hide it in our house.

Anyways! So since I "hid" this present away in our spare room closet I forgot to wrap it before yesterday.  So I rushed home hoping to get there before Ryan - I was successful but I got distracted with the pup pup and laundry.  I ended up going into the room while Ryan was on the couch and started to wrap bag his gift.  As soon as I opened the box to get his present out I noticed the huge disaster!!!

Justin Ropers - Black

This was inside the box!  This is not what I ordered!  My husband would never wear black boots!  How could I be such a dummy and not look inside the box before his actual birthday?!  I was devastated!  I hate when presents go wrong and especially for my husband.  It was definitely an off year and it is his first birthday back from Afghanistan and I wanted everything to be perfect!

So being me ::a tad emotional and dramatic at times:: I started yelling and almost crying because of this mistake on the company's end.  Ryan was just giggling at me and said, "Let me see.  Maybe I will actually like it better this way."  He definitely did not and now we are stuck with the wrong boots.

I am praying that when I call today they will help me out.  My invoice says I ordered them in tan and so does the box they were shipped in.  This obviously tells me that the warehouse does not open the boxes before they ship them out otherwise they would have noticed the mistake.

I hope that we can get the hubby the correct boots soon because he would love to wear them as his new "nice" boots.

Justin Ropers - Rugged Tan

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