Friday, December 20, 2013

Holi-Drink! {12 Days of Christmas}

Day 10 of #12DaysOfBlogging with Amber and Erin.


Today we are talking about festive, holiday cocktails!  Man oh man, do I love cocktails.  Now don't take this as I have a is actually quite the opposite.  I have pretty much quit drinking since our honeymoon but I do indulge every once in a while still. 

The problem with the holiday drinks though is that I am picky.  And by picky I mean that there are very few drinks that I actually like.  I like the drinks that are sneaky and yummy.  I don't drink dark alcohol or beer for the most part.  I enjoy vodka and liquors.

Now with that being said - and get ready to GASP - I despise Eggnog.  :(  It is sooooo nasty to me.  Nothing about it is appealing to me.  The eggy taste, the creaminess, the RUM or WHISKEY.  No thank you!  More for the rest of you this way though.

So with that I have decided to share one of my most favorite drink recipes ever.  I discovered this when I was bar tending at good ol' Spag.  It quickly became my favorite drink ever and I used to make just a little bit extra each time so I could take a little taste - responsibly of course. :)

I introduce you to - and you're welcome in advance -
The Strawberry Pomegranate Drop

Things Needed:
1 Martini Glass - or any glass for that matter
Cocktail Shaker
Plain sugar
Lime Juice
Sweet and Sour
Monin Strawberry Puree
Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka

::Disclaimer - I just count everything out.  There is no wrong way to make it as long as the proportions are correct::
Take your cocktail shaker and put a scoop of ice inside.
Pour two shots of vodka inside.
Take the puree and put some inside.  As much as you would like it to taste like strawberry.  I usually do about 5-10 seconds worth.
Add a splash of lime juice
Fill the cocktail shaker so that it is about 2/3 full with sweet and sour mix
Cover and shake until you feel the whole shaker turn chilly.
Take your glass and dip the top in lime juice and then sugar.
Strain your shaker contents into glass.
Serve with either a lemon or lime wedge


  1. I hate eggnog too. Although, I love me some rum! The Strawberry Pomegranate Drop looks divine. :)

  2. I've never drank eggnog, for the very same reasons that you listed! YUCK!!!! Your drink looks yummy!! Anything with Sweet and Sour is my favorite :) Merry Christmas, Sara!

    1. Heck yes! Put it on your grocery list and try one out :)