Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

Today is Friday the 13th!  13 is my favorite number ::insert superstitions here:: and who doesn't love a good Friday??!!?  I am excited for a date with the hubby tonight.  It won't be anything fancy just dinner with possibly another couple but it is the start of our weekend and we could not be more excited!

Our Christmas cards came in the mail last weekend and I finally got them out of the mailbox on Monday and they were stuffed, addressed, stamped and on their merry little way Tuesday morning.  I am hoping that they all make it to their homes in time for the holidays ::we had some difficulties with our thank you cards for some weird reason::

The 6th Annual Suits and Staches event is tomorrow night!  This is an annual party put on by a group of guys that we know at one of our local bars that is just a night of good fun.  All men must have facial hair and women must have a fake stache on their finger.  The women must be in dresses and the men in suits and each year there is an additional theme that must be adhered to.  This year is Masks and Monocles!  We are soooo excited!

It is hunting season, which also means that my husband is usually out most Saturday and Sundays trying to get us some geese and duckies ::yes, we eat what we kill, don't hate us:: Tomorrow he was chosen to go on a Wounded Warrior hunt just a little bit north of us and he is oober excited ::my words not his::  Since he will be gone I will be baking :)  Possibly posting a recipe this weekend.

Last but certainly not least is a big ol' thank you to the blogging world!  I have felt so influenced to write this week and can't wait to continue.  I love the link-ups that I am participating in and can't wait to see where they take me.  I am getting involved in button swaps and sponsorships too.  I am loving the blogging world and loving this new outlet that I have in my life.  Thank You!!!

Happy Friday!
Suits and Staches 2 years ago - also Ryan's 23rd birthday.


  1. Love your grateful heart...I feel the same way about the blogging world! Such a lovely little outlet!! Yay! Hope you had the merriest, loveliest weekend, beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you! The weekend was delightful. Thanks for stopping by to read about my Friday Five. :)