Friday, December 27, 2013

Five on Friday - last one in 2013

I cannot believe that this is the last Friday of 2013!!  The year is wrapping up and so are the holidays.  As much as I love Christmas - and believe me, I do! - I am happy to have my house back in "normal" shape.

Today I am linking up again with the ladies of 5 on Friday.

Our house is back to "normal" as I stated above.  Last night after dinner the hubs and I took down the ornaments, lights, garland, tree and other decorations around the house.  As sad as it is to take it all down it had a good run.  It survived our journey to get it, bring it home, keep it alive and keep it from being attacked constantly from the pups.  One thing we learned this year, both of our furbabies like the taste of pine trees apparently.  This might have to be our last real tree but I will probably be okay with that.

We found out yesterday that we will be adding a new addition to my family!  My cousin in Washington announced that her and her husband are expecting their first child on their Christmas card!  It was so cute and we are all soooo excited!  She is due in June so we are all hoping that they make a visit to California before she pops out little Baby Moz.  :)

Hank Hughes - the newest addition to our family if you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram - has finally slept through the night last night!  That's right folks...our little bundle of joy slept 8 whole hours last night!!!  We are on cloud nine and couldn't be more excited.  LOL.  We have barely been making it 4 hours at night this whole week that we have had him.  Last night he decided to be an angel - probably because he knows how tired his mommy and daddy are - and slept the whole night and no accidents!  We feel like superheroes this morning.  Ignore the over excitement and just let me have my moment please :)

This Christmas was the best one yet.  I keep thinking that there has to come a year where it doesn't beat out every one before that - but I have yet to find that.  This year, Ryan was home!  Biggest thing by far for me.  Nothing was more special than getting to spend Christmas together.  We started the morning off by spending time with our furbabies.  Ryan and I did not do gifts this year due to getting Hank Hughes just a week before and because being together is all we needed.  We then went to my mom's house for breakfast and presents.  My mom spoiled us - and the dogs - as she always does.  It was the first year that I didn't wake up at my mom's house on Christmas - a little strange, but we survived :)  We then went home and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon with our little family of 4 snuggling on the couch and watching TV.  For the evening we went to my in-law's for dinner and more gifts.  Dinner was delicious and we, once again, got spoiled.  My mother-in-law got everything on our list this year.  We are sooooo set now. :)  We ended the night with our pups just as we started it.  It was an amazing Christmas. :)

My birthday - quarter of a century! - is in 5 days!  I can't believe it.  I feel like I just turned 24 a couple months ago.  I am so excited that Ryan will be home this year for my birthday too.  We will be going out to dinner for Chinese food like I have done every year on my birthday since I can remember.  I love that we do this and am so glad that my parents started that tradition many moons ago.

I hope that you all have a great Friday and lovely weekend.  Enjoy it!  Last one of the year!!!


  1. Hahaha! I am totally with you - as much as I LOVE the holiday, I am very happy to come down from all of that hustle and bustle and excitement!! Your pup is so, so, SO cute!! When is your birthday? New Years Eve baby? Mine is the 2nd :)