Monday, August 4, 2014

August Goals - And A Failed Recap From July

Another month has come and gone.  Here is a recap on my June goals and my new goals for July :)

  1. Get car in garage
    So this didn't happen.  Once again, another month has passed where good ol' Tori the Taurus is still in the driveway at night.  :(
  2. Enjoy our anniversary weekend
    This definitely happened!  I talked all about our amazing time here and I can't wait to spend a million more anniversaries with my hubby!
  3. Put together Baby Hughes' nursery
    So this partially happened.  We got his furniture arranged how I want it and got all of his bedding washed.  We didn't get around to painting the changing table yet, but we still have a little time.
  4. Pack hospital bag
    Failed!  We haven't packed anything to go to the hospital.  I have my lists of what we need to pack all ready and the bags picked out, but the whole assembling them thing, not so much. 
  5. Wash all baby items
    We did this!  My mom came over and we washed the heck out of some baby clothes.  We washed every single item of his from blankets to bedding to sock and mittens.  We just received more items though so those now need to be washed, but the majority, done!
  6. Save more money
    This didn't happen this month.  It was a little rough for us this month in the savings department but with our anniversary we didn't want to punish ourselves.  
  7. Drink more water
    I have been doing so well on this.  I really can't stand it and I am so over water, but I know that it is what is best for the little so I am putting my best foot forward.
  8. Don't be such a hoarder
    So I haven't gone through anything in the garage yet, but I think I have been doing better about bringing things into the house.  I don't think I've added to the pile, so it is somewhat of a win in my book! 
  9. Print and hang maternity pictures
    Failed!  I am so sad about this!  I want pictures up in our house so badly!  I want to get crafty again!
  10. Work on Gallery Wall in living room
    This didn't get any attention this month either.  I have sat there staring at the wall everyday thinking about what I want where and it just hasn't happened.


  1. Get car in garage
    This needs to happen!  I don't want to be putting Baby Hughes in and out of the car when it is sitting in the sun in the driveway all day!  I need to make this happen this month!
  2. Paint Changing Table
    His nursery is so cute, but the clashing woods are too much for me to handle.  Solution?  Paint the changing table to match the accent colors from his bedding.  This will happen this month!
  3. Finish Baby Hughes' nursery
    We need to hang things on his walls and get him a laundry basket and then it is complete.  I can't wait to do a post on his room.  I love it so much!
  4. Pack hospital bag
    Obviously this has to happen this month.  It needs to happen this week in fact.  I have my lists ready and can't wait to write a post on what I chose.  Keep an eye out for that one :)
  5. Wash all baby items
    We have received more baby clothes and blankets so I have a little more laundry to do for Baby Hughes.
  6. Save more money
    As always.  With Baby Hughes coming this month, fingers crossed, we will need to start saving as much as possible.
    Starting today, we will be walking everyday as a family.  The hubs is on board and Hank loves being outside so I don't think he will complain.
  8. Don't be such a hoarder
    A constant goal of mine, but this month we are pulling a huge operation with the garage clean out so my hoarding will be put to the test.  I just need to throw the shit out.  I don't need a letter to some kid I don't remember from 3rd grade anymore.
  9. Print and hang maternity pictures
    Must get these done!
  10. Work on Gallery Wall in living room
    We are making our living room wall a complete gallery wall with all black and white photos and items.  I cannot wait to get this started/finished.  An obvious post will be coming to go along with this one :)
Good luck to you on your goals and have a fabulous August!!!
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  1. Being pregnant definitely makes reaching goals a little tougher. Hang in there girlfriend, you will get it done!