Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Canvas Print

So do you love canvas prints as much as me?  But hate to spend the money on them??

Well you are in luck!  Today I am bringing you an easy canvas DIY and it costs 1/3 the average price!

Items Needed:
Modge Podge
Foam Brushes
Blank Canvas
Printed Picture


  1. Make sure you line up the canvas and picture to fit each other
  2. Take some modge podge and coat the canvas with a generous amount
  3. Place the picture where you want it on the canvas.  Let sit for about 5-10 minutes
  4. Place coats of modge podge (as many as you like until desired texture is achieved) on top of the picture going in complete lines in the same direction so all strokes are even.  Wait 15-20 minutes between each coat.
  5. Let dry completely and hang!

I purchased the blank canvas at Hobby Lobby in a pack of 2 for $7.00.  The foam brushes I got from Walmart for $0.97.  The Modge Podge I got from Walmart for $4.47.  The picture I printed at Sam's Club and paid $2.97.  Total cost of this project if I had used all of the supplies = $11.91.

I still have over 2/3 of the Modge Podge left over, all of the brushes are reusable after washing, and one canvas left.

This project cost me a third of what it would have cost me to order it online and have it shipped to me.

I am so excited to hang this in Baby Hughes' nursery!

Do you have simple and cost efficient DIY projects?

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