Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hello Due Date

So it is August 28th...that is 40 weeks of being pregnant with this little one.

This is the day no one thought we would make it to.  Bless their hearts - "You're too tiny to carry a baby to full term."

Obviously my body and baby didn't agree with everyone else.

We have been dealing with false labor for two weeks now.  I am getting to the point where I don't think he will ever come out and join the world.  Of course, I know he will and I am just being a crazy head dramatic, but it starts to do something to your brain when you hit the "due date"

From the beginning everyone at the hospital and doctors appointments have said that only a baby will know his or her birthday.  Was I being naive when I thought he would come early?  Or just super hopeful?

I want him healthy, of course.  But this mommy is ready to meet her little bundle of love.

Will he have my nose or his daddy's?
Will he have lots of hair or was all this heartburn for nothing?
Will he be tall and skinny like his daddy?  Or a little plumper like his mama?
We know he will have attached earlobes - something our FRAMLY is very obsessed with!
We assume he will have light eyes since both of us do.

So unless he decides to surprise us, which I am still hoping for, he will be born next week due to induction.

Please keep us all in your thoughts with positive thinking.  I will update the blog as much as possible until and when he makes his arrival.

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  1. Stay strong! (he's just extra comfy in there...) I'm sure you've heard every cliche!! Thinking of you!