Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pinterest Recipe Challenge - Week 3

So I know that we just had one yesterday, but since I was a week behind this is the regularly scheduled time for last week's recipe challenge to go up.  I hope you like it.

Week 3: Chicken Fajitas

Sounds super easy and like a go-to recipe that should have been in my repertoire right?  Well it wasn't, but it is super easy and is now part of our line-up.

I had never made fajitas until I was on Maternity Leave and my mom convinced me to try it.  I made steak and they turned out great.

I pinned this recipe on my Yummy Goodness Pinterest Board in hopes that it was different and more "homemade" and was going to add it for the challenge.

Once I printed it out and read it, I realized that it was no different than the Steak Fajitas I had made a couple months back.

But I went through with it and they turned out fabulous!

I added onion to the crockpot but no peppers - they give the hubs heartburn.  He loved it and I loved it, and all together we were happy.

This was a successful week in the Pinterest Recipe Challenge of 2015.

I am looking forward to this week's recipe already :)

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