Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hughes Family Photos

So remember last week when I recapped our year and I mentioned we took family photos back in October and that I would finally show them to you?

Well look no further, here they are!

We met up with the AH-MAZING LG of LG Grow With Me Photography on a beautiful Tuesday Fall evening up in Auburn, CA.

We showed up, as traditional unprepared parents.  We had a sleeping newborn, as Caleb was only 6 weeks old, that was still in his other outfit and a dirty diaper.  We had to change and feed him as soon as we started taking pictures.  Overall, he did great, but you know, a boy's got to eat!

LG is honestly a saint.  She loved Hank and he, of course, loves anybody who will give him attention.  Little did LG know that our "little puppy" almost weighs as much as us and doesn't know it.  She handled him so well while he was exploring and not listening to his parents.

This little snuggle muffin of mine did so well.  It was mid-October and for everyone else it was a gorgeous day, but not for my little.  He is definitely like his mama and gets cold instantly.  I wanted us all to match coordinate as much as possible so he ended up in a short sleeved onesie, which didn't end too well for us.  After an hour long photo session he was one cold little muffin and ready for another nap.

I can't thank LG enough for capturing our new family of 4 so beautifully.  These pictures are priceless and I will treasure them.  Our first pictures with our baby.  Our first pictures with our fur baby.  Our first pictures as a little family of 4.

If you are in the Sacramento area and need a lifestyle photographer, LG is your gal!  She is an amazing mama of two little princesses and you feel like family as soon as you work with her.  Thank you, once again, LG!  We will be seeing you again very soon I'm sure :)

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  1. Wait. Stop it. I am reading this from auburn, right now. Do you live around here!?

  2. Beautiful! I love having professional photos done.