Monday, January 5, 2015

My Dearest Little - Four Month Letter

My heart hurt a little yesterday morning as I woke to the little cries of you, my baby. You are now four months old. I'm not really sure when or how that happened, but it seems as though it has and there is nothing I can do about it.

I sit back and watch you explore your surroundings as you wake and feed you your morning bottle reminiscing on the moments when we first brought you home. I couldn't wait for you to grow up and learn so many things, but now, as it is happening, I find myself wanting to take that back. I want you to stay little forever - although the teething part of it I could do with a little less.

My dearest Caleb, you are becoming such a fabulous young man, in your short four months with us. We are loving watching you grow and find new things each and every day. You are sitting up now, but you still need some assistance from us.  You love to stand and I'm sure can't wait for the day you can do it all on your own, but like I said above, I can wait. You are kicking away at all times and absolutely love bath time now. I must admit that watching you love things is a highlight of my day.

You are teething this month and man oh man, I'm not sure we were prepared. You definitely get your emotions from me I think. You seem to be a bit dramatic and sensitive right now, but I totally get it - I would cry too if something was poking my gum constantly.

No matter what emotions you are feeling, or expressing, I hope you always remember and know that no one will love you more than your dad and I. We will always be your biggest fans and loudest cheering squad.

Caleb Tyler, you make my heart melt each and every day and I love watching you grow.



Now for some less mushy stuff?

This last month was a busy one. As you can tell I sucked at blogging about it, so here is a little recap.

Mommy went back to work and you started staying at Mima's house during the day. It was rough, and still is, leaving you each and every morning but it makes coming home to you at the end of the day so worth it. We have a pretty good schedule for our mornings and sometimes I even get to stop by Starbucks on my way in to work :)  You rolled for the first time and are working on getting your first tooth in.

It was December so that means Christmas!  As you may have figured out by now, I love holidays and Christmas is no exception. We went and picked out our very first tree as a family of 3!  You did so great and we found a real beauty. I was a bit nervous that you might have an allergic reaction to it, but luckily, you did not. Real trees are such a treat for me so I'm glad we can continue it on with you.

We hosted family Christmas at our house this year - super stressful - and you were spoiled!  You got so many great gifts and loved on your daddy all night. It was so nice not having to haul you back and forth for the night, but I doubt daddy will ever let me host a family gathering at our house again. Lol

Once family Christmas was over, it was time for us to have our Christmas. You were amazing. You let us sleep u til almost 7 and it was a great present. We sat on the floor in front of our tree and opened our presents. You are always so happy in the morning, and Christmas was no exception.

Once we were done with our gifts we got dressed and ready for the day. First stop, Mima's for breakfast and presents. You were once again spoiled, but this time so were mommy and daddy. We spent a few hours there and then headed over to Grandma and Pop's house for dinner. You got, surprise, more presents and were a perfect little gentleman.

Christmas with a baby is amazing. I can't wait until you can really understand what it is and get excited for it.

After Christmas was mommy's birthday and you were the best present I could have ever wished for. We had friends over on Wednesday night to help us ring in the new year. You didn't quite make it to midnight, but mommy and daddy almost didn't either so don't worry. We celebrated with Chinese food for dinner, as always, and I admired the table aweing over my sweet little.

I can't wait to see how you continue to grow Caleb. Until next month!

Now for some stats:
Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces (we go to the dr in two weeks, estimates)
Height: 25.5 inches (^^)
Clothes: 3-6 (mostly 6 lol)

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  1. Their stats are almost identical from Ryan's 4 month appointment!