Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Life As A Hughes!

I cannot believe it has already been a year since I started this little bloggy.

I never assumed I would be a famous blogger, although secretly in my dreams I would  have hoped so. I can't believe that anyone besides my mom reads my thoughts.

I think over this past year my posts have gotten better. I am realizing, slowly but surely, that I can't worry about what I write or how often I write. I need to focus on documenting what I want and if people read it, then great - if not, oh well.

I plan on continuing to post about our little, our home, our marriage, our family, recipes and crafts. This is a space for me to have word vomit and be able to look back on it later on.  I love that I will have my Bumpdates to look back on and also now they monthly updates for Caleb.

For this next year I have updated my "About Me" information and included the top 10 read posts from the past year.

1.  19 Week Bumpdate
2.  Caleb's Birth Story {Part 1}
3.  Caleb's Birth Story {Part 2}
4.  Caleb's Birth Story {Part 3}
5.  Anniversary Weekend Recap
6.  I Am An Army Wife
7.  Our Wedding Day: DIY and Etsy
8.  26 Week Bumpdate
9.  Our Wedding Day: The Dress
10.  I'm Not A Fashionista or A Foodie

Thank you so much. I hope that those who do read enjoy it and if you have encouraging ways for me to continue to grow and improve please let me know.

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