Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

For as long as I can remember we have gone to the pumpkin patch every year.  And when I say pumpkin patch, I mean "The Patch"!  I have been going to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm my entire life.  When I was little, it was this larger than life experience and I looked forward to it every year.  Not much has changed actually.  I still get excited and love going each and every year.

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm is a 40+ acre family-owned farm that grows their own corn and pumpkins every year.  They have a train to take you around the property, a petting zoo, flower farm, corn maze, zipline, carousel, pony rides, slides and play areas, food and beverages, picnic areas and even pig races!  It has always been a 30 minute car ride until this year.  That's right folks, my little small town that I love oh so much is home to this magical Fall wonderland!!

This year we go to take Caleb for his very first trip.  I was so excited.  We planned it for a few weeks and I was counting down the days until we went.  I know Caleb is too small to 1-remember it and 2-to care, but I couldn't wait.

We went on a Tuesday since the hubs was off and hoping it wouldn't be as crowded.  We got there in the afternoon and were hoping that it wouldn't rain on us.  We have finally been getting some real Fall weather here in Northern California and we are loving it!  We loaded up the babes in the stroller and headed out to the fields to find our perfect pumpkin.

Each year I search for a large pumpkin as the centerpiece of our outside decor.  I was so excited when Caleb was awake for our search.  It made for the perfect picture opportunity.

After our mini shoot in the field of pumpkins we walked around for a bit and chose the rest of our pumpkins and gourds.  Bishop's Pumpkin Farm has a tractor hayride that takes you out to pick your own smaller pumpkins but since Caleb is still so small and the weather wasn't the best we chose from the bins.  We got one good-sized pumpkin and tons of gourds.  Who doesn't love gourds, right?

I can't wait to carry on our Bishop's Pumpkin Farm tradition with our littles and see how they grow over the years.

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