Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Ookey Spookey Night!

Halloween has always been fun and it has been fun to think back and think of all the characters I have been.  Of course when I was younger I was little cute things (one year I was a stinking cute!) and then of course I went through the "I want to be something dead" phase (including a dead prom queen).  My dad and I dressed as a pirate and gypsy after he had his first amputation making him look even more like a pirate (hilarious while passing out candy in our driveway and he would wave his amputated leg at kids and say "Argh!")  I continued to be the normal things throughout elementary and junior high school. 

High school became a little more interesting in the costume department.  Can't exactly remember what I was every year but I do know that for my senior year I was a "sexy" (and I say this in quotes because of course I am a girl who has self-image issues and does not believe that I portray "sexy" very well) baseball player. 

When I was 18 I was Robin and my precious puppy Freckles was my Batman (I am not a wierd dog lady, although I loved him so.  He was in a Dog-O-Ween contest that we dressed up for together) 

At 20 I was a nurse by day (because my pup pup was a doctor of course for his annual Dog-O-Ween) and an Army Girl by night (fitting that I was dating a real life Army Boy; he actually helped me pick my outfit from Afghanistan) 

At 21 I was a Dallas Cowboys fan (which was super easy because I am in real life) by day and I was supposed to be a peacock by night.  This was when peacocks were in and the thing to be.  I decided to make my own costume and let me tell did NOT work out.  I eneded up with an outfit that was weird and luckily I was just going to a house party where there would be too much alcohol consumption and I wouldn't have to worry about explaining myself.  I will say though that my hair and makeup was the bees knees that night :) 


At 22 I was Natasha and the Hubby was Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle.  I had longed to do a couples costume and it had never worked out because Ryan was never home from Army duties for Halloween.  But in 2011, he was, and it was my year to have a wonderful Halloween couples costume.  Once again, I decided to try and make my own and it failed miserably.  I should know better by now then to try and create my own costumes without guideance again.  But either way, I had my Hubby, then boyfriend, with me and we were pretty dang cute (minus Ryan's CREEPY stache!) 

At 23 I spent the evening passing out candy to the littles as it was once again another year without Ryan. 

This year, Ryan and I were reunited for Halloween and had planned on having a Halloween party.  We BOUGHT a couples costume and I was ready to go.  Of course, I shouldn't have thought this would work out, as most of my Halloweens haven't in the past few years, and it didn't.  We eneded up cancelling our party and now have very nice costumes for next year. Lol. 

So for my 24th Halloween, the Hubby and I spent the evening together.  We were those annoying people with a dark house because I was never planning on being home so we never bought any candy.  We went to Original Pete's for salads and knots and then spent the rest of our evening in bed.  I must say that until we have some littles of our own I am kind of good on the whole Halloween thing.  I can't wait until we do have littles though so we can have a family costume instead of just a couples costume :)

Until the 25th Halloween, OMG...a quarter of a century!

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