Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

It is that time of year where everyone become extremely thankful for the people and things in their life.  I am no different and love what I have in life and couldn't be happier with where I am in it.  I, of course, am thankful every day and not just Thursdays in November, but what a fun way to let these next 4 Thursdays fly by and add some thanks while they do.

This first Thankful Thursday is dedicated to the one and only greatest woman in the whole wide world.  That's right folks - my mama!

This lady has raised me to be who I am today.  She has always been there no matter what and for that I am eternally grateful.  Now I know that everyone thinks that their mom is the greatest but I must say that mine actually is pretty close to the greatest thing since sliced bread!

My mom had me when she was 29 and happily married to my daddy.  Together they helped raise me and my brother in a loving household where we loved playing and living together.  Unfortunately that fairy tale life didn't last forever, which being an adult now I realize was for the best.  My mom and I got our own place and from then on it was us against the world.  My daddy was still in my life and he was wonderful but that is not the point of today now is it?  Anyways! 

From 8 years old it was me and my mommy.  We are pretty much the same person minus the fact that I have a highly over sensitive heart and brain and I have that Mexican blood in me that gives me a bigger temper.  LOL.  My mommy and I learned to live life together and always make the best of it.  My mom did what she had to to make sure that me and my brother were taken care of.  Because of this I think my mom is a Superstar!  At one point my mom was working 3 jobs just so that we could have a roof over our heads and food on our table.  I would like to think that because of this I know the true value of needed to work and wanting to work for what is mine.  I do think that when I was younger I was a bit on the "spoiled" side but I blame that on me being the baby and my daddy. 

There has not been a day since I turned 16 that I did not have a job and help pay for things I needed in life.  My mom provided me with the best life possible and I couldn't have imagined growing up any other way.

Now, for not so sappy stuff, let's talk about how hilarious this lady is!  She is seriously a one-woman comedy show!  I can not tell you how often the words "Do not make me pee my pants from laughing"  This lady is so funny and literally is the light of my life.  Without her I would be no one and no where.  She paid for my college education, made sure I was always staying above water and has always been just a phone call away. 

She has saved me thousands of dollars in cab fair by picking me up from the bars at 2:00AM (such a great thing huh?) and always makes sure that I am happy.  Although there were times that were rough - A.K.A. my teenage years - she has always been the one constant in my life. 

I can not thank her enough for raising me as the old soul that I am today and teaching me what it means to be a great person, daughter, wife, and one day mommy. 

I love you Mommy!  Mi Monkey! Secret Squirrel!

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