Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life on deployment...

Life on deployment...the moment that every Army Wife should does hate.

Our life on deployment started on August 18, 2012.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning with a few clouds in the sky and a gorgeous sun starting rise over the mountains in the East.  We were standing on the tarmac home to helicopters that were going to take mine, and 120 other's, husbands to Afghanistan.  It was a bittersweet moment.  It was so peaceful that morning and gorgeous like the Earth knew that they were leaving and yet so sad and scary because they WERE leaving.  We hung around and said our "see you in a while" talks.  A few last hugs and kisses and they were off.  Into the gorgeous sunrise and one step closer to defending our wonderful country.

Ryan and I got to see each other one more time before he went overseas.  In October 2012 I flew to Fort Hood, Texas to spend 4 days together.  It was literally the best thing I have ever done (well besides marrying the man of my dreams) and I will forever be grateful for those four days.  We spent 4 days traveling back and forth in Texas and although it was kind of annoying to be in a car so much instead of just relaxing somewhere, it didn't matter because we were together.

The final night we spent together was by far the hardest thing either of us had ever done.  Can you imagine saying goodbye to your spouse and just praying and hoping that they return home safely to you and you have no control over that?  I love having control in life and the fact that I had to just send him off to go to WAR was not ideal.  Of course, I did it and he is home safe and sound (thank God!) but it was no easy journey.  We once again hugged and kissed for many moments in that dark parking lot outside of the temporary barracks on North Fort Hood.  It was in that moment that I knew I made the right choice.  I knew that marrying Ryan was the BEST thing that I had ever done and I was so grateful.  I loved him so much before and in that moment my love grew and grew to the point where I knew he would come back to me.  Driving away with him in the rear view mirror is an image I wish I didn't have, but to say that we conquered that deployment is so worth it!

So while he is gone.  Of course it gets lonely and boring at times.  And yes, I missed him like crazy, but thanks to the wonderful inventors and dreamers of this world we had technology!  And I could not be thankful for those folks because I got to "talk" to my husband almost every single day while he was gone.  Now time changes and Ryan working nights was a little difficult at times, but most of the time it was fine.  We would work around the same times so we were able to talk before we each went to bed.  iMessage and FaceTime were our saviors during deployment. 

I spent those 288 days hanging out with friends (which you find out who they really are during tough times like deployment) and family.  I worked and took care of things at home.  I sent a few lot of care packages to my soldier.  I paid our bills and saved our money.  I found us a cute little house to live in and got it ready.  I waited patiently for the man of my dreams to return home. 

July 23, 2013 was an amazing day!  My soldier, my husband, my best friend came home to me!  It is a day I will never forget.  The excitement, love, and pride were overwhelming.  I don't wish deployment on anyone but the coming home part of it - DEFINITELY worth it!

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