Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You have to try this out!!!

So I have never been one to read my horiscope religiously or wonder what the stars have aligned for me, but when reading Kym's blog post from yesterday about what her birthday tells her from this website I was blown away.  It was incredible how much it told her about herself and how much she said it fit her.  Being the nosey one that I am I decided to try it out...and oh my might just be an eyeball inside of my computer spying on my life and writing everything down?  Or it could just be right on track with who I am...

Here is what it says about me...

January 1, 1989
The Secret Language Name for this date,
and for those born during it, is...
Personality of this day...
January 1 people are authoritarian, like organization and structure, and must give the orders both at home and work. They are often studious and value education greatly. Moreover, they stick to their convictions.
When it comes to realizing their ambitions, however, the principles of January 1 people sometimes get in their way. Although they wish to scale the heights they are perhaps too honest, too loyal and too honorable to do so. In valuing structure so highly they often are hemmed in by their own orthodoxy when going by the book. Moreover, their frustration threshold is low and it is here that their underlying, highly charged emotional nature is most fully revealed.
Many elements of the January 1 personality are not only complex but seem contradictory. For example, those born on this day are highly responsible—yet often take on more responsibilities than they can handle. They are emotional—yet can get so bottled up with their emotions that they are unable to express them. They may be liberal in their outlook—yet will come across as conservative, even reactionary. Above all they undergo tremendous inner struggles in which they can be beset by forces seemingly beyond their control.
It is extremely important career-wise for January 1 people to sit down at some point in their lives and seriously ask themselves just how high they plan on rising in their chosen field. Then after making a complete accounting of their strengths and weaknesses they should come to a realistic appraisal of their chances for success and set goals accordingly. Long-term and short-term goals should be clearly delineated, timetables set and kept to, if possible. Should January 1 people decide to go for the top, they must be absolutely sure that they have enough stress resistance, patience and emotional control to get there.
A disadvantage for most January 1 people is their extreme sensitivity, which can make them impatient and difficult when working as a subordinate. When interacting with friends or directing others, particularly as a teacher, those born on this day can be charming, well-liked and effective. However, if their career plans involve climbing the corporate ladder or operating in a highly competitive and unsympathetic arena, they must truly toughen their skin and in that process grow a whole new set of buttons which few can push. If they do so, their efforts will not be so readily undermined by their emotional reactions.

Above all, it is important for January 1 people not to drive themselves and those around them too hard or too fast. They must be particularly careful that their high expectations do not inevitably end in deep disappointments. Although they consider themselves practical and pragmatic, they must come to accept that they too have romantic dreams and an accompanying need to satisfy them. Thus a realistic self-image consonant with their emotional depth and complexity will be key to their happiness and success.

OHMYGOSH!!! Can you belive it?!?  It sounds just like me - positive and negative.

I encourage everyone to go check this out!  It is interesting, humorous and mostly spot on!  Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

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