Wednesday, November 20, 2013

24 at 24

So I thought that I would document 24 of my favorites things while I am 24!  These are not people but actual things that I love and probably wouldn't want to live without.  I thought it would be fun to keep track of this at the closing end of each year.  That way I can look back and see how my opinions might change or what things stay the same.  I hope you enjoy :)

1.  Mr. Pibb - A.K.A. Pibb Xtra
I L-O-V-E Mr. Pibb.  I refuse to call it Pibb Xtra since it makes no sense why they changed the name a couple years ago.  Anyways!  This is my FAVORITE soda in the whole wide world!  If a restaurant has Mr. Pibb I have to get it.  I am trying to cut back on my caffeine intake, but when it comes to this...I cannot!

2.  Animals
Ohemgee!  I love animals!  I love almost all animals and if they are baby animals it is even better.  I have such a soft spot for cute cuddly fuzzy animals and most people find it hilarious.  I am definitely one of those people who "talks" for animals and I often tell Ryan what the little MooMoo is saying as we drive by or what the birds "say" while they fly over us.  Who doesn't just want to cuddle up with a little baby MooMoo?

3.  Babies!
I definitely have always had a soft spot for babies.  Of course when they aren't yours they can get a little much to handle but Baby Fever has definitely been in my head for many years.  I just love their little fingers and toes and the way they smell when they come out of a bubble bath.  Their little giggles and smiles just melt my heart.

4.  Ice Cream
Oh man.  My obsession with ice cream has definitely been around forever.  I don't care if it is snowing and frozen solid outside, I will still have ice cream.  This is definitely a bad habit to be obsessed with but I think that I do a pretty good job of limiting myself.  We rarely have ice cream in the house ::because I would eat it all right away if we did:: and I usually only get it when we are already out and about.  I am very picky though and don't like many kinds so that also helps when we go places.  My top favorites are: Daiquiri Ice (BK in the summer) Cookie Dough, Cookies 'N Cream, Mocha and Mint Chocolate Chip.

5.  Cheez-Its
Now this may be a weird thing to love but I do.  These little delicious cheesy crackers are exactly what is in the name - CRACK!  They are so addicting and you can't just have one handful.  This is definitely a snack that I have learned discipline with and have learned not to eat the entire box in one sitting while drinking a Mr. Pibb.

6.  Coupons/Deals
Deals and Coupons.  My niche if you will.  I absolutely REFUSE to buy anything full price almost anywhere.  There is no point when the same item will be on sale - if not clearance- in a week.  I am not a "Coupon Lady" or anything like that, but I will always look for the best deal and sale when it comes to things.  I mostly do this for clothing and household items.  Groceries I just use the normal coupons that come in the mail or newspaper and we try and shop at the Commissary since there is no Sales Tax and usually better deals.  Clothing and Household items though are never bought at full price.  I have my favorite stores' apps on my phone and sign up for coupons whenever possible. 

7.  Kohl's
This store is literally my go to!  There is so much of my money invested in this place it isn't even funny.  The fact that there was one within walking distance for 6 years probably did not help.  I love that you get coupons all the time and they always have sales and clearance racks.  I love the Power Hours and try to always use Kohl's Cash or coupons from the mail.  Most things Ryan and I wear are from good ol' Kohl's.

8.  Christmas Movies
My love for Christmas Movies is no secret in my family.  I am not one of those people that allows Christmas decorations before Ryan's Birthday or on my Birthday (we have our house decorated for approximately 20 days) and that is fine with me.  I hate seeing Christmas before Black Friday and it seems it gets earlier and earlier every year.  But the one thing I will allow all year round ::Ryan doesn't:: are Christmas Movies.  I cannot help myself.  They are so happy and delightful.  My favorites are Hallmark Christmas Movies which, I know, are even worse!  I cannot help myself and I have already started watching them while Ryan is watching hockey or football.

9.  Buying DVD's
I have a slight obsession problem tendency to buy movies A LOT.  We have two DVD stands full of movies and they are all alphabetized.  I know, a little crazy but I can't help it.  I love laying in bed and watching a movie.  I did this a lot before I met Ryan and it started back up once he went on deployment.  I don't get tired of movies ::mostly:: and love that I have these movies to one day share with out littles.

10.  Fuzzy Sock - All Socks
This is probably one of my biggest obsessions!  I love socks - and Fuzzy Socks at that!  Everyone who knows me knows that I love socks.  I always get socks for gifts.  Christmas, birthday, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween - you name it, I get them.  I don't have much room for more socks but I am always cycling thru them.  I love to sleep in socks - although they usually end up on the floor by morning.  Fuzzy socks are the way to my heart :)

11.  Leggings
Whoever invented leggings is a GOD!  Of course, not really, but pretty dang close.  I could live in leggings the rest of my life if it was acceptable.  I do not wear leggings inappropriately except in my house so I think it is okay.  I always wear them with a dress or long enough "shirt" that I would never wear as a dress by itself.  I have black, blue, gray, and polka dot ones and can't wait to get more with the new fall/winter seasons.

12.  Cowboy Boots
Boots.  I love boots.  There isn't much else to say except that they are wonderful.  They work for any kind of weather and any kind of activity - except for getting a pedicure.  We have boots all around our house and I wouldn't have it any other way.

13.  Hunting
Hunting is something that Ryan taught me.  I had never been hunting, or even shot a gun for that matter, until I met Ryan.  Now you may be asking how I can love animals and hunting at the same time?  Well it was a little adjustment but after experiencing it, it is just different.  I figure that you wouldn't be able to hunt certain animals if there weren't enough of them out there, right?  Also, we do not hunt anything we don't eat.  Currently we only hunt Upland and Waterfowl.  We are not big game hunters ::which I don't think I could ever shoot Bambi or his Daddy:: and definitely do not waste what we hunt.

14.  Fishing
Now fishing also came when I met Ryan.  I had been fishing before when I was little but didn't think too much of it and didn't stick around with it.  Then Ryan came along and changed it all.  Fishing is one of our favorite things to do together and I love that it is just us, the fish, and some poles.  Ryan, so kindly, takes care of all the "icky" stuff that I don't want to touch and then always helps me in any way possible.  Fishing is fun and if you don't do it or haven't tried it, you should really reconsider.

15.  Snuggling
Me oh my how I love to snuggle.  I think this comes from being a cold person.  I have never been the person that asks for the air conditioner to be on.  I am almost always cold and the best way to get warm is body heat right?  Too bad my hubby does not agree with this.  Snuggling is left for me and the pups and I'll take what I can get.

16.  Dancing
Dancing has always been a passion of mine.  I have always loved dancing and couldn't wait to dance for the rest of my life.  I started dancing when I was about 4 and continued through college.  After my sophomore year of college I decided to change my major from Dance and called it quits.  I still love the art and beauty of it and wish that I had kept it up but it can always be a goal of mine for later years.  I still dance with the hubby and out at the bars but not like I used to.  It is something that I love and think that it will always be a part of me.

17.  Singing
I enjoy singing in my car or house with the music blasting and no one around but the dog.  I am in no way saying that I am a great, or even good, singer.  I just really enjoy putting on some good tunes and singing it out with myself.  Everyone does this right? :)

18.  Baking
Oh baking, how I love thee.  Baking is so calming and relaxing to me.  I absolutely love to bake and my husband loves to eat the sweet things I create.  I love that I married a man with a definite sweet tooth because I do not have one and my baking used to go to waste.  I would bake all the time and have to give it away to other people because I do not eat most things I bake.  Ryan loves my Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes ::recipe coming soon:: and anytime I make him Funfetti ::I know, not an original recipe but still baking::  Holidays always get me more excited because it means more baking.  I can't wait to start making all the creations this year.

19.  Mascara
I do not wear makeup very often at ALL anymore.  In high school there was not a single day that I did not wear makeup.  Looking back I think to myself "why did you do that?"  Waking up 20+ minutes earlier every morning just to put on some makeup?  Anyways.  So mascara is my go to.  It is all I do when we go out or I want to dress it up a bit.  I have two favorites that I use and they are two very different price tags so that determines which one I wear when.  I wear the drugstore one for more "everyday" things and the Ulta one when we go out on a date or somewhere more fancy.  It definitely is my life saver for looking "made up"

20.  No Wire Bras
Now this may be a weird one but I hope it makes sense.  So I am not very well-endowed and never have been.  I have learned to accept this by now and just go with it.  Now with that being said, I cannot stand wearing a regular bra every single day!  I of course wear what is needed to work but often with annoyance.  I am not lucky enough to get away with no bra ::I would never dream of doing that:: but I am also not so big that I need constant support.  No Wire Bras are my best friend!  I could not live without these babies.  I have my 3 favorite ones that I bought from Kohl's and they are my favorite.  They don't make me look any larger than I am which I am totally fine with but still give me enough coverage to wear I am not showing people the goodies beneath the shirts.  If you haven't tried these yet, GO!  You won't regret it :)

21.  Carbohydrates
I love CARBS!  Who doesn't?  Pasta, rice, name it I enjoy it.  This is another thing that I have to control myself with because I would overdose on carbs.  I used to work at Old Spaghetti Factory which made it definitely difficult to control my want for carbs.  I like to eat my carbs and balance it out with protein and veggies.  I think I do a good job at it, though at times all I want is a big bowl of white rice with some soy sauce :)

22.  Caffeine
I am trying to cut back my intake of caffeine and this is definitely something that is difficult.  I am a person who gets headaches if I do not have caffeine daily.  I used to have probably close to 4 sodas a day at one point and starting realizing what it was doing to me.  I have completely eliminated energy drinks from my life ::effective September 24, 2013:: and have starting making myself only have 1 thing of caffeine a day.  Hopefully this continues and then once we have a little I will be more disciplined with it.

23.  DIY
I'd like to think of myself as a crafty person.  I love "Craft Days" and love getting ideas for DIY house decor and presents.  It is so much more personable and cheaper to DIY than to buy most of the time.  I have a huge list of projects and a ton of materials to use and I definitely need to start setting aside more time to get these projects started and finished.  Hello Christmas presents!

24.  Joann's Fabrics
So this is the store that will take all my money in about 10 seconds.  I love sewing and creating.  Obviously from number 23 you gathered that.  Well Joann's has everything you need and more.  This is definitely a place that I can go to to get inspired and gather TOO many materials.  And they always have coupons and sales!

I hope you all enjoyed this.  Can't wait to see how things might change over the next year :)

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