Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Well here we are - another week has come and gone and we are back at Thrusday again.  And to continue from last week I will be thanking a very special person in my life.  This week is none other than my wonderful and amazing husband, Ryan.

I cannot begin to express how honestly thankful I am for this man.  He is truly my best friend and without him my life would be very dull, boring, and lonely.  I thought it was appropriate to thank Ryan on this Thursday because 4 years ago tomorrow, November 15, 2009, Ryan and I "met" for the first time.  If you recall we had our first meeting, hug and kiss on this day.  How appropriate that 4 years later almost to the day it is a Thankful Thursday? 

I think besides being madly and completely in love with Ryan, I am so thankful for what he has done for our country.  Ryan is selfless and courageous and brave.  He has served twice in Afghanistan and is still currently serving our country here at home for at least another year.  I have always thought highly of military members - both my Dad and Grandpa are retired military men - and when it came to Ryan it was no different.  Of course people had their fears for me..."Why do you want to love a man who can possibly die while doing his job?"  My question to them is "Why not?"  Now I am so THANKFUL that Ryan was never critically injured while overseas - although he is pretty well-known for getting injured right here at home doing everyday things.  No one will ever forget the slicing thru the knuckles while opening a box thing or slicing three fingertips while opening a can of chili.  I digress.  His military service is just one more thing that I am thankful for and love him for.

Ryan of course, like any other person, has faults but to me those are only examples of how even though we aren't perfect - we are perfect together.  Ryan always tries to do the best for me and us.  He is always looking for a better job and more ways to help us live the life we want.  He of course made me the happiest woman in the whole wide world when he proposed and married me on the same day. ::that takes some balls right?::  I know that when I am with Ryan he won't let anything harm me.  He is my biggest support and the strongest bone in my body.

I am so thankful that he chose me to spend the rest of his life with.  It is truly amazing when you think about a man deciding on one person to love the rest of their life.  I knew it from the start that we had something special and we would in fact get married someday.  I couldn't have been more surprised though when it happened over a year ago now. 

I can't wait for us to have littles so that I can have a baby boy just like his Daddy - loving to hunt, fish, shoot guns, be rowdy, and love his Mommy. But until then, I will just be thankful for the man that I share a life with and love so dearly.

Thank you Ryan!  I love you more than anything!! 

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