Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It is that time of the week again.  This week on Thankful Thursday I will be thanking a few special people.  These folks are the greatest people in our lives ::besides our parents obviously::  I hope you enjoy!

All photos by Heidi Lin

These wonderful people were our trusty bridal party at the wedding 2 months ago.  Without them we probably wouldn't be half the people we are now and half the wife and husband we are.

Some of them have been in our lives forever and others just a shorter while.  Nevertheless, without them standing by our sides and supporting us and our love along the way we could have never made it.  There are people who come and go through our lives and it used to really make me sad and wonder what I did wrong.  I have slowly come to realize that the people who are meant to be in them will be.  I could not be more happy and thankful for the people in the pictures below.  I can't wait to see how all of our relationships grow and continue throughout the years to come.  I pray that these will never leave us for they are who helped build us.

Gavin Alan ::the cutest nephew in the whole wide world::

Gregory, my brother


Justine, my sister-in-law



Nicole, Ryan's sister


Madison Elizbeth

We love you guys so much and once again,

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