Monday, November 11, 2013

Date Night

On Friday night the Hubby and I went out on a date.  As odd as it may sound to go on a date with your already husband, it is much needed to keep the love and sanity in our house.  We are both very busy people and although we eat dinner together almost every night and sleep under the same roof, there is just something about dressing up a little nicer and going out to eat with the love of your life. 

Ryan and I have this bad "habit" of only going to about 7 restaurants around town.  We get stuck in a rhythm of just repeating our dinners between these places when we go out.  We have been talking about being more adventurous on our dining options and Friday night we actually did it.

I used Open Table to make us a reservation and we were set for our Friday night date at The Chef's Table.  Ryan and I were very pleased with our restaurant choice and were so happy that we finally tried this little joint. 

It is a small place in a shopping center in Rocklin and it seats about 40 people.  We sat at the bar top that allowed us to watch them cook all of the food for the tables waiting.  It was very cool and you get to interact with the chefs while they cook.  I always enjoy actually watching my food being prepped because then you know exactly what is happening to it.  (Call it a side affect of being a server for 6 years)  I highly recommend making reservations because once it fills up you are looking at about an hour and a half wait usually.  ::long waits mean good food in my book::

We started the evening with a local beer and their Pesto French Fries.  These babies of joy in your mouth are tator tots tossed in pesto and Swiss cheese.  They are heaven in your mouth and a great appetizer.

Once done with the appetizer we moved onto our main courses.  Ryan chose the Organic Pastrami Burger and I chose the Grilled Fillet.  Ryan's Burger was ginormous (yes, that is a word) and was made with Organic Ground Beef, Shaved Pastrami, Pepper Jack Cheese, Arugula, Mustard Aioli on a Kaiser Roll.  He was very pleased with his choice although he kept wanting other things when he saw them being prepared. LOL.  My fillet was wonderful and was served with Fingerling Potatoes and Carrots.  It typically comes with a Pinot Noir-Cherry Gastrique but I opted out of this because I knew I would most likely not care for it.  Ryan loved the Gastrique and put it on his burger for a few bites.

We finished the evening off with some Vanilla Ice Cream and took in the last moments of our date night.  It was such a nice night to get out and try a new place - and my company wasn't half bad either :)

Make sure you and your significant other participate in date nights to keep your love and sanity alive!

and P.S!  Happy Veteran's Day! Hug a veteran and say Thank you today.  I hugged mine this morning and plan on celebrating him and his service tonight as well! :) 

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