Monday, May 23, 2016

Living Room Gallery Wall

So after two years of living in our house, I have finally finished our gallery wall.  I wouldn't say it has definitely been a work in progress because that would be a lie.  We attempted to hang stuff once and after needing to patch some nail holes and not being able to find the correct paint color (the wall was painted before we moved in) we put things on hold.

Last August we decided to try again by changing the color of the wall.  We went to our local Ace and picked out a wonderful yellow and my dream living room was starting to come to life.  We hung a few items, but it wasn't until last Friday that my mom and I finally finished the gallery wall.

Most of the wall is permanent except for the items in the picture frames, two.  The large black picture frame with our family photo in it and the white picture frame with Caleb's photo in it are going to be changing each year.  I decided that I wanted a space to update our pictures and as much as I love canvases, you can't keep redoing them each year without being wasteful.  I plan on printing out our newest family photo each year and we will get a picture of each boy to do the same with so that our momentous events are on canvases and the ever changing life we live will be in the 2, soon to be 3, frames hanging on the wall.

There are two items missing, a frame for Baby E and a canvas that I am creating.  Both of those will be up within the next month, but until then, it is complete and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Items: (Left to Right)
Wooden Number 4: Michael's spray painted black - $7.99
Baby E Maternity Canvas: Sam's Club photo, Hobby Lobby Canvas - $11.50
Picture Frame of Caleb: Michael's painted white, Sam's Club Photo - $12.97
Plate Holder: Gifted from mom, spray painted black
California Print: Gifted Frame, Sam's Club photo - $0.13
Caleb Canvas: Gifted from JC Penny
Wooden H Monogram: Michael's painted white - $2.99
Black Shelf: Wedding Gift
Caleb Maternity Canvas: Sam's Club photo, Hobby Lobby Canvas - $11.50
Mirror: Gifted and painted white
Family Photo: Michael's Frame painted black, Sam's Club photo - $24.96
Heart String Art: Won from Sometimes Sweet Studio
Plate Holder: Gifted from mom, spray painted black
"Count Your Blessings" Print: Gifted Frame, Sam's Club photo - $0.13
Wedding Day Canvas: Sam's Club photo, Hobby Lobby Canvas - $11.50
Trio Tree Canvas: Target (had for years and can't remember the price)
Baby E frame and photo - $12.97
Wedding Canvas - $1.50

Total Gallery Wall Price:

Pricing Disclosure:
We already had all of the paint, mod podge and 
paint brushes so I didn't include those prices into this project.
I also didn't include the cost of painting the wall from
 grey to yellow because we were going to paint it either way.

I was able to keep this gallery wall under $100 because of coupons and DIY.  I bought all the frames on clearance and painted them to the colors I wanted instead of finding frames the colors I wanted and potentially spending more money.  I printed the pictures all at once saving myself multiple trips to the store and depending on where you buy your prints from it could be cheaper the more you order at one time.  I created all of the canvases, except for the one of Caleb, myself to lower the cost of each to $11.50 instead of $30+ using my DIY Canvas technique.

Creating a happy space in your home doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, but you will have to put the time in to save the money where you can.  I am so happy with how this project turned out and I can't wait until Baby E is here so that we can add his picture up on the wall as well.
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  1. Frames are so stinking expensive! I have a ton of pictures we've had taken just sitting in boxes because I can't swallow spending $15-30 a frame. Maybe I'll check out garage sales to see if I can find any that I can just paint!

    Your wall is adorable!!