Monday, May 2, 2016

Life For The Past 3 Months Really...

So it makes me incredibly sad that this blog has taken a huge back burner!  I hate that I haven't been documenting this pregnancy like I did with Caleb's and how I haven't been keeping you all updated on our debt journey or things going on in our lives.

Life for the past 3 months have been chaotic, to say the least.

Where do I even begin?  I'm not really sure but I will try to catch up as much as possible.

January - the end of hunting season for the husband and the end of an annoyingly long run at a new employee to take over my job so that I could get "promoted".  January was definitely not my favorite month this year so far, but it also wasn't the worse.

February - a month full of preparation.  My job was getting crazier day by day and we were having scares with Baby E left and right.  All of this plus we were preparing for Ryan to leave for an entire month and that would mean it would be me (7 months pregnant), the dogs and Caleb alone for 4 weeks.  Thankfully, my job got it's act together and we found an amazing person to take over my job so that I could go to my new position and another amazing person to take over for me while on Maternity Leave!  I could feel the stress going away day by day.  We then got the all clear from every doctor about Baby E and we were good to go.  This baby was going to stay put where he was and my job was going to finally be at a stress level that I could handle.  We still had the stress of preparing for Ryan to leave, but now that two of my three stressers were gone I knew we would be okay.

March - Ryan was gone.  It was rough.  We had our trial run at this back in December when he was training for two weeks a few hours away and although I knew I would be able to handle it all, it was more stressful because this time he was halfway across the country!  Ryan left on a Sunday and it was me, Caleb and the furboys for the next 4 weeks!  It was a lot!  I definitely didn't take care of myself like I should have, but Caleb and the dogs were fed every day.  #winning

Ryan was able to call and facetime with us almost every single day which really helped Caleb.  This was the furthest distance he has been from Caleb since he was born and also for the longest amount of days without seeing him.  It was definitely hard on our entire family but we survived and it has made all of our bonds that much stronger.

In March I also had a great baby shower that we did a ton of DIY projects for that I can't wait to blog for all of you.  I have about 10 projects to blog about so hopefully those will be coming very soon.

April - The last month we had as a family of 3.  It is crazy to think about, but now that it is May we are going to be a family of 4 any day now.  April was busy and hectic as usual, but in a good way.  Ryan came home from Louisiana and we started living our lives back together as a family.  I finished out my last month of work and we tried to prepare for our new little bundle.  We transitioned Caleb out of the crib and redid his room to be a big boy room (also a post coming on that hopefully).  I definitely started nesting and deep-cleaned items around our house that most people don't even think about.

I am excited to be on Maternity Leave and being able to have the opportunity to spend quality time with Caleb before we have another baby.  Also, I really want to try and get things organized and put together in our house while I have the time off.  Over achiever?  Maybe, and most of it probably won't happen, but if you write it down it's more likely to come true, right??

Stay tuned!
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  1. oh my gosh. you are amazing for getting through all that stress! I don't know that I would have stayed calm for any of that. glad you are almost to the best part...a new baby!

  2. You sure are busy! Life has thrown you many challenges this past month. But you did it! Can you believe you're having a baby any day now...I mean, I know you can, I'm sure you are more than ready...but really, it's also always mind boggling isn't, when that reality sets in. Thinking of you.