Friday, May 6, 2016

Baby Hughes #2 - 37 Weeks

So it has been 7 weeks since my last bumpdate and I am incredibly sad about that.  I am actually really sad about how much this pregnancy has not been documented, but due to the craziness that has been our lives this entire past 9 months, I am giving myself a break and not being too hard on myself.

At 37 weeks I am once again sick :(  This is the third time this pregnancy, which if you have been sick just once while being pregnant you can imagine how annoying and frustrating it is for a third time of illness to strike!  I am getting some prescriptions today that will hopefully help me feel better for the rest of this pregnancy.

Overall, this pregnancy has been a whirlwind.  It was definitely not as breezy as Caleb's was, but maybe that is just a little friendly reminder from upstairs that this is our last pregnancy and doesn't want me to enjoy it too much? LOL.  But overall, I still love being pregnant and feeling this little boy move inside of my belly.  I will be so sad when it is all over, but I can't wait for him to join our family!

I have gained a total of 19 pounds this pregnancy and I am really proud of myself.  I blame thank my lovely toddler for this mostly because without having to chase him around 24/7 I probably would have gained double what I gained while pregnant with him (33 pounds)!  I think the fact that I have been sick 3 times, was so nauseous for the first 4 months and alone with Caleb for probably 2 solid months out of this pregnancy were also big factors.  We have 3 (better not be more then) weeks left with this babe in my belly and I am hoping to not gain more than 6 more pounds before he is born.  I have high hopes that since I didn't gain as much weight this time it will be easier to drop the weight this time also.  I will still have that lovely toddler of mine to chase around, so hopefully he helps mommy lose those extra lbs!

I am officially on Maternity Leave.  I started Monday this week and while it was completely weird in the beginning, I am so glad I am taking this time.  I took Mat Leave with Caleb at the same time, but it was just me and Hank so I got bored a lot more easier.  This time I get to enjoy these times with Caleb while it is just me and him left before his brother joins us.

I can't believe that he could be here any day now!  As much as I want to meet him, I am happy keeping him in there for a little bit longer, since this is our last baby.

I should also probably start packing a hospital bag huh?  And install the car seat?  Oh second pregnancy problems! :)
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