Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Honestly all I can think about now is Brittany Spears and when she sings, "I must confess, that my loneliness, is killing me nowwwwwww..."  haha!

But on a serious note, here are some confessions that have been weighing on my mind lately.

  1. Blogging has still not been happening and this is my third week of maternity leave!  At this rate I will have a newborn here before I blog about any of the things I've wanted to blog about before he gets here!
  2. I have peed my pants more in the last 18 days then ever in my life.  It's not even funny how often it is happening.  And when you pee your pants that much you can't help but cry and then you cry more because everyone chuckles when you cry over peeing your pants.  It is such a vicious circle!
  3. I don't remember what contractions felt like with Caleb.  I remember thinking with Caleb that it was always the real deal and they always told me it wasn't and I would know when it was.  Well for the life of me, I can't remember what that feeling was and so now I'm scared we won't have enough time to get to the hospital and take care of Caleb.  I know, wishful thinking!
  4. Ryan and I haven't had a date since February.  This makes me extremely sad.  We never did a "babymoon" with Caleb and I in no way wanted to do one with this pregnancy either, but after he was gone for 4 weeks in March and with the craziness that was my job during that, I really would have liked a night out, just the two of us, where we could eat hot food and do whatever we wanted before our new little man joins us.  I guess it will just have to wait...
  5. I don't know how it is possible, but this pregnancy has turned me into a 90-year-old dimension woman.  I cannot remember anything, for anything!  I can't remember if I thought about asking someone something or if I actually asked them and just can't remember their answer.  I can't remember why I went to stores in the first place, although I always find plenty I need while I am there.  This little boy is sucking my mind dry and I'm hoping it all comes back when he is here.
  6. I have been hit with sickness three times this pregnancy!!!  With Caleb I got a cold twice, at 8 weeks and 37 weeks.  Both lasted about a week and everything was fine.  This little babe?  Well he wanted to be super kind to his mama and have me get sick 3 times and not just with colds!  I was sick with a cold at 5 weeks, fever at 32 weeks and then a 3 week stint of deathlike plague at 36 weeks.  As much as I love being pregnant, I can't wait to not be pregnant so that if I get sick again I can actually take some medications!
  7. Grapes have been my everything this pregnancy!  They are all I want, all day, everyday.  I have had grapes in our fridge for the past 3 months and loving every second of it!
  8. I just packed my hospital bag on Sunday night, and it really isn't finished.  For being a person who really wanted to have this baby early you'd think I'd have been more prepared this whole time right?  WRONG!  It is mostly packed now I just have to remember to put it in my car so that we have it when we need it.
  9. This is my last pregnancy (unless we win millions in the lotto) and I have so many mixed emotions about it.  I'm completely happy with our choice to have two boys and call it good.  On the other hand, I just love being a mom and carrying these little precious souls with me.  Such a catch 22!

Well I think 9 random thoughts for today is good enough.  Hopefully more posts will be coming soon.  No promises though (obviously!)

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  1. I keep having the same thoughts about labor this time around...I never started having contractions on my own, so I have no idea what to expect if they start this time around, and I'm terrified I won't realize what's happening until it's way too late haha. also, I peed my pants for the first time while pregnant the other bad!