Thursday, May 19, 2016

What's In My Hospital Bag - Round 2

So after searching through past posts I couldn't find where I ever told you what I took to the hospital last time.  And that sucks because I would have loved to remember what we took that we didn't need and what I wished we would have taken.

But after much procrastination I finally packed our bag on Sunday night.

I was gifted a new diaper bag, which is actually the exact same one that we already have but in a different color.  I absolutely love it and after almost 2 years, we could use a new one :)
JJ Cole Stachel

For Mom:
I packed very minimally for our trip.  Our hospital provides everything you need while there and although I truly hope to have a better birthing experience this time around, there is no gaurantee.  With that being said, I am bringing a nursing tank, nursing sleep bra, two pairs of fuzzy socks, a pair of flip flops, maternity leggings for going home and a loose fitting shirt also for going home.

For Dad:
Oh my husband.  He is hilarious!  I asked him what he wanted me to pack for him and he said, "just a pair of socks."  What?!?  But okay!  I took it upon myself to also pack a pair of underwear because why would you change your socks and not your undies?  LOL!

For Baby:
Like I said above, our hospital provides everything we will need while we are there so all we are bringing for baby boy is his coming home outfit.  I bought this outfit right after we found out he was a boy and just knew that he would wear it home.  I can't wait to see our little moose :)
Carter's Newborn

In addition to the clothes for each of us we are bringing toothbrushes, travel toothpaste, Simple facewipes, my favorite lotion, some hair ties, chapstick and our nursing pillow.  While the hospital will provide plenty of pillows for us to use for nursing, there is nothing quite as nice as the nursing pillow when you think about it.  I will need to throw in my hairbrush the day of also.

I am also thinking that I might throw in mascara just in case I get a wild hair up my butt and want to put some sort of makeup on.  I am hoping that this delivery goes much different then Caleb's and that would mean I don't feel like death while in the hospital for almost 4 days.

I hope we have everything we need, and if not, then someone will be running to Walmart or Target - both are right across the street from the hospital :)

Is there anything I am forgetting for my second delivery?  Let me know what you couldn't do without in your hospital bag!
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  1. I think I wrote a post on what I packed the first time but I never updated it to write what I actually used. Sucky because I'm such an overpacker haha. This seems like a good list of stuff to me!