Friday, May 20, 2016

Baby Hughes #2 - 39 Weeks

  • How far along are you? 39 weeks!
  • How I'm feeling: I am definitely a bit disappointed that I am still pregnant, but I know that this little boy will come when he is ready.  Other then being ready to meet our little E, I have been sick since 36 weeks so that has been completely miserable.  I've gotten cough syrup with codeine, 3 inhalers and a z-pack.  I am finally feeling back to "healthy".

  • Total weight gain:  I have gained 18 pounds.  I am really proud of myself for keeping the weight under control this pregnancy, although as I have said before, it is probably just because I have been chasing Caleb around and haven't had time to gain weight.  Baby E is healthy though so that is all that really matters.
  • How big is baby? Baby is size of a pumpkin today!  I definitely feel like there is a pumpkin inside of my belly too!  Baby E should be weighing about 7.23 pounds and be 19.9 inches tall.  However, at my 38 week appointment my doctor predicted that he is almost a pound smaller then Caleb probably.  He is a tiny boy as far as she can tell.
  • Maternity clothes: Always yes.
  • Sleep:  Sleeping is still impossible and with being sick it has only gotten worse.  I am still loving my pregnancy pillow but cannot wait to be able to lay on my stomach again, although if I can nurse this time around I realize that will still be a ways off.

  • Best moment this week: We have everything ready for Baby E's arrival.  All items have been purchased and cleaned.  We won't be panicking about not having something (okay, I will no matter what, but we really are good)
  • Movement: Baby E is a mover and a groover.  He is head down but he loves his booty bumps up in my ribs.  I am going to miss feeling him inside my belly.
  • Food cravings: Soda and grapes!
  • Food aversions: Meats have started taking a back burner for me.  I have no real desire to eat any kind of meat.
  • Belly button in or out:  We are definitely flat in the belly button department.  Caleb is completely fascinated by it.  Depending on where Baby E lays it could be out a little as well, but I don't have a constant "turkey's done" button.
  • What I am thankful for: I am thankful that we are still having a healthy pregnancy.  I am thankful that this babe moves around enough every day to let me know that he is happy and healthy in there.
  • What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to meeting our little boy.  Hopefully while you are reading this he is making his way into the world?  Wishful thinking I'm sure.  :)
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    1. I think I'm literally on edge, waiting for him to be born! I'm so excited for you :) I just realized the other day how much I miss the giant movements in my tummy. Every once in awhile Mav will do something and I'm like yep, you used to do that I'm my tummy too haha.

    2. So exciting! I'm sure it is hard work chasing a toddler around and you lose some calories!