Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Pinterest Project Fail!

Have any of you attempted some Pinterest projects?

Have any of you been successful?

Well I decided to be cutesy and try out one for Caleb's grandma's for Mother's Day this year.  It seemed super easy!

Here is what it should have looked like...

I planned on making ours less "girly" and decided to go with a yellow flower instead of pink.  I headed to Hobby Lobby to get our materials needed and $10 later we were ready to go!

I sat Caleb down, naked in his highchair, and thought, "This is going to be great!"  Man oh man was I wrong!  What kid hates finger paints??  My kid, that's who!  He was so upset that he had paint on his hand!  It took all of me to get the two handprints we needed for the two small canvases.

Here are our results...

Now I know that they aren't terrible and that Grandma's love crafts no matter what, but I wished they would have turned out a little bit better.  Maybe I should have gone with a red or orange flower?

Either way, here is one of my first ever Pinterest project attempts and finished results!  Good thing Caleb is super cute and can give really great hugs and kisses to make up for his lack in enthusiasm about finger painting!

What Pinterest projects have you tried?  Were you successful?

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