Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Confessions

Back again for another month of confessions with Heather from Notes from the Nelsens.
I missed last month and that is part of my confession for this month.  I have a hard time finding a good balance between work, family and blogging.  I have to work.  We live a great life and in order to maintain that, we both have to work.  I love working and helping to provide a great life for our family, but of course, I wish I could stay home with Caleb.  I wish that we could go on educational adventures and make sure that I don't ever miss a milestone because of him being with family and me being at work.  But that doesn't work for us right now, and it is okay, but difficult.  Also, blogging.  I love blogging.  I have so many post ideas and plans for writing them, but when it comes to 7:00 PM each night and Caleb goes to sleep, I want to snuggle with my hubs and go to sleep rather then staying up and writing post after post.  Blogging takes the hit and I am glad that it is an inanimate object so it doesn't get it's feelings hurt.  But it hurts me.  I want to be better at it.  I want to not forget things when I am older and when my kids are older.  I want this to be a place full of our memories and if I don't post them, it won't be.  I am going to try and find a good balance this next month and hopefully next month's confession is all about doing that.

Waking Up.  My husband hates this trait of mine...but I have a serious addiction to the snooze button!  I set my alarm for 4:00AM every morning and am lucky to get out of bed by 5:00!  I leave my house at 5:30 each morning and as much prep the night before so that I can just get up and go, getting as much sleep as possible.  He hates it, I love it.  I just can't get up when it first goes off.  I have never been a morning person and now having to get up so much earlier to take Caleb to someone's house before being at work at 7:00AM makes it all that much more difficult.  But luckily for me, he is already gone for the day by the time my alarm goes off so he doesn't have to deal with it.

Eyebrows.  I am sooooo bad at keeping up my eyebrows.  I am trying grow in the portion above my nose because I tend to get tweezer happy and go to far and then they are way too separated.  But by trying to let that part grow, I neglect the rest of them.  I am not proud, but I can honestly say that this morning I took care of them and hopefully won't let it go for another 8 weeks or so. :)

Breeding Hank.  If you read my post here, you will know that this was awkward.  We haven't heard yet if it took, or how many puppies she is carrying, but we are hoping to hear by the end of this month.  I hope it worked because we know a lot of people who want Hank's puppies and are eagerly awaiting this puppy-making.

Caleb Boycotting Food.  Last month Caleb refused to eat any foods I made him.  He was fine with Gerber, but anything made by Mommy was a no-go.  It hurt my heart.  It made me frustrated.  I know that babies go through ups and downs with foods, but I got really negative about it.  "I wasted all this money on fresh fruits and veggies and now he won't eat them!"  I'm not proud of it, but it happened.  And just like Caleb changing his mind a week later, so did I.  I would rather spend $5 on fresh fruits and veggies and have him not like them for a week, then spend $20/week on Gerber.  Don't get me wrong either, I love Gerber foods.  They are great for going out to eat around his meal times because we don't have to keep them refrigerated (if not opened yet) or warm them up for him to eat.  But when we are at home, for dinner or lunch, I love him to eat Mommy's food.

Jamming to Little Red Wagon in my new Red SUV.  So we bought a new car for me and I love it and the morning after we bought it, also the first time I drove it LOL, we were jamming down the highway to Miranda Lambert's Little Red Wagon and I was just singing my little heart out!  Luckily, unlike the song, my little red wagon doesn't have a broken axle or a broken front seat, but it is just as cute!  You can read all about our purchase here.
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  1. Loved reading your confessions and your "Hank post" above this one! Have you ever tried eyebrow threading? It hurts a whole lot the first few times but it lasts for at least two weeks and is super fast and inexpensive! Just a thought. ;) So glad you linked up!!