Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Dearest Little - 7 Month Letter

My Dearest Little One,

You are now 7 months old.  You are officially closer to being 1 then a newborn.  That makes my heart hurt and smile all at the same time.  You are growing up so fast and as much as people have told me, even when you were still in my belly, that time would fly, I never quite believed them.  But let me tell you, they were right.  I don't know how it is possible that you are now 7 months old...just last week we were snuggling on the couch having your morning milk and figuring out what we were going to do while Daddy was at work all day, weren't we?  Now, you are hanging out with your grandparents playing all day and having a blast.

In the past month you have grown a ton developmentally and physically, but you are still not crawling.  You have no desire to be on your stomach and have yet to figure out that if you just push up a little harder you could be off of it.  We keep trying, but I must admit that I hate hearing you upset so it usually doesn't last as long as it should.  We keep wanting you to learn how to crawl and as much as people tell us not to wish for this, we still do.  I want you to keep on experiencing all of the amazing things this world has to offer you sweet little one.  Maybe this month, although Daddy and I are both pretty sure you will skip crawling and go straight to running - we aren't too sure how we feel about that. :)

We are still in a teething stage...most would ask at this point, "How many does he have?"  Well our answer is still the same, zero!  You don't have any teefers still and I'm pretty sure it is starting to make you upset.  You want all those yummy things to eat that require teeth and unfortunately, because you don't have any, we are the mean parents who don't give them to you.  I am thinking this next month you might get one, finally!  We are okay with you still not having teeth, it means less biting for us, but we know that you want them and that it is part of you getting older, so here is to hoping they come in little man.

Food is still your friend.  It is mine too, so don't be too worried about it.  :)  You went on a strike for a week or so of not wanting any food that I made you.  You were pretty sure that Gerber had perfected all things food and were not willing to try anything else.  I am glad to say, only because our freezer was stocked full of yummy goodness for you, that you have since given up on your strike and are back to eating our yummy baby food.  You have decided that you don't really like peas or carrots by themselves any longer but have discovered your LOVE - read obsession - with sweet potatoes and cinnamon.  Daddy and I can't blame you on the cinnamon part, who doesn't love it?  We tried fresh mango this month and you also love that.  You like it to be partially frozen still so it is like a slushy and I can't argue with you - soooooo good!

You are still the stars in my sky little snuggle muffin of mine.  I'm not sure that will ever change.  As I watch you grow I still wonder how I got so lucky to have you in my life and it just makes me cherish you even more.  You mean more than you could ever know to both of us and we hope that we show you that every single day.  Here is to another month of milestones and memories.

I love you,


7 Month Stats:
Weight: 20.7 pounds
Height: 26 1/3 inches
Clothes: 6-9 months (mostly 9 if it is a onesie, you have a long torso)
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  1. he is too freaking cute. and those teeth will come. amelia has 6 already and i wish they would have come later...lots of teeth mean lots of teething and that is the worst! and don't worry whatsoever about crawling. it took A until 7 months to ROLL, and she is refusing to crawl as well, so we might both have straight to walking babies. and won't that be so fun? i think so!

  2. Always love your IG pics. No clue how he fits into 6-9 month stuff weighing that much though!! :) And he's only 7 months! Don't worry about crawling at all. My son was closer to 10 months and then walked at 15.5 months. Ady is 8.5 months and not crawling anytime soon. I read a study a looooong time ago about late walkers being super smart so just let him go on his own time! :)