Friday, April 10, 2015


Happy Friday to you all!

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::ONE::  New Car!
Yes! Yes! Yes!  This makes me a very happy lady!  I still love it and I know this feeling won't be changing any time soon!  It's been almost a week without good ol' Tori, but I know that this new ride is going to treat me just as good as she did for the past 4 year!

::TWO::  These Shorts!
They came in the mail last night and I couldn't be more excited!  Jordan, of Blue Avenue, has some of the cutest items and all throughout my pregnancy I couldn't wait to order her stuff because it was just sooooo cute!  And now, I'm not pregnant and can clearly rock these bright coral shorts!  Go check out her site and order something fun!  Best thing is...they are on a super sale right now and FREE SHIPPING!!!

::THREE::  Eleventh Avenue
Previously known as GroopDealz, Eleventh Avenue is on point!  I just ordered these adorable pillow cases that will finally give us some matching decoration in our living room.  They are a nice subtle pattern with the perfect amount of grey in them!  The best part...they were only $4.99 each!  Shush up!  4 new pillows for $20!  Can't beat it!

Last week, Jordan of Fun Cheap Or Free, let us in on an amazing deal!  Jane had all three of these look-a-like palettes on sale for just $12.99 each!  She made it known that she didn't know if they were the real deal or actual look-a-likes but I went ahead and ordered them because they look so similar and were such a great deal!  Well, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, but she posted this week that she got hers in the mail and they are the real deal!  If this isn't some of the most exciting news I don't know what is!  If they are in fact the real deal, I just scored all three Urban Decay Naked Palettes for $49.99 including shipping!  That's cheaper then one palette brand new at Ulta!  So be on the look out for the most excited face picture popping up on IG soon! :)

::FIVE::  Oakley Outlet
Last weekend, before we bought the car, we stopped at the Vacaville outlets.  We never go there, but while we were there I convinced Ryan to let me look for Caleb clothes if he got to go into the Oakley store :)  We went in and Ryan looked into getting replacement lenses for his sunnies.  He is rough on sunglasses but needs good ones so we always get him Oakley ones.  The replacement lenses were $90!  Umm...not going to happen bucko.  You can wait until you need a whole new pair which is only $120.  Well the sales kid must have heard me say that, quietly, and offered to give us the lenses for $60!  Score!  Then Ryan told me to get new ones.  Why are women's sunnies so much more expensive?  The ones I love were $250!  Not going to happen.  The same kid saw me all sad over the price and told me to check out the section in the back.  Walked back there and found the exact same sunnies for me without polarized lenses for $69!  Then he told me he would give them to me for $45!  Ummm....YES!!!!!!!!  Found Ryan a t-shirt for $10 and we were ready to check out.  They open everything up for us to check them out and my glasses came with a soft case.  Ryan was jealous that it came with a case at all and I told him, "Yeah.  My old ones did too, but they came with a hard case."  A different kid behind the counter heard that and asked if I liked the hard case better.  I answered with yes and he took the soft one and came back with a hard shell case!  We made out like bandits there!  Now to let these new sunnies of mine last another 4 years like my last pair :)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!
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