Thursday, April 30, 2015

7 Money Saving Tips For New Moms

Having a baby is the most rewarding thing in my life, but man is it also expensive!

Today I have put together 10 of the best money saving tips I could come up with for all you new moms out there.  I am not an expert, but these are all things that I have done and have helped us save some money with an expensive little boy!

1.  Buy Diaper Genie Refills At SAMs Club
We were gifted a Diaper Genie for Caleb and were giving a couple refills.  As the diaper sizes get bigger the frequency in changing the refills also increase.  I was buying the double pack from Walmart for $16.97 and the double pack from Target for $13.98 but we found the best prices at SAMS club.  You get 4 refills for $18.98!  That's an insane savings and it is well worth it.  If you don't have a membership, look into getting one, or ask a friend to take you.

2.  Buy Generic Diapers For Daytime Use
We have had Caleb in Pampers Swaddlers since he was a little bitty one.  Well not too long ago we switched him to Pampers Baby Dry diapers at night so that he would sleep longer.  Well a little bit after that buybuy Baby came out with their own brand of diapers and after trying out a small pack we decided to switch to those during the daytime.  I was buying an economy pack of Swaddlers from SAMs Club for $39.99 and I am now buying an economy pack of buybuy Baby diapers, that only have 8 less per box for $27.99!  Talk about savings!!  I still love the Swaddlers, but for the savings, the buybuy Baby diapers do just as well.

3.  Make Baby Food
I am not opposed to buying baby food made by Gerber, obviously they know what they are doing, but it gets expensive!  I have found that taking an hour each evening to make up some fresh fruits and veggies for Caleb is so much cheaper.  I can buy one sweet potato for about $1.50 and it will make almost 3 portions for Caleb.  Now if I were to buy processed sweet potato, it would cost me $1.09 plus tax for only 2 portions.  It just works out to be the cheapest and almost easiest thing for me to do for him.  We still buy Gerber for when we go out to eat because we don't have to worry about warming or chilling them, but if you can dedicate an hour to make it yourself, you will save money and know exactly what your baby is eating.

4.  Buy Clothes That Are On Clearance Right Now
I buy Caleb clothes that are going "out of season" right now in the size I think he will be by the time that next season comes around.  Now this is a bit of a gamble, but in the end it will save you so much money.  I bought a two-piece outfit from Carter's the other weekend that was size 18-months and on clearance for $4.98!  You can't beat that!

5.  Online Yard Sales/ Baby Consignment Pages
There are plenty of items out there that cost a ton brand new.  Make sure that you join your local consignment and yard sale pages on Facebook because they have great deals. We found a Bumbo on our local sight for only $5! That is a savings of $35 and it looked brand new. Cleaned it with some anti-bacterial and it was ready for our snuggle muffin to use.

6.  Use Your Normal Laundry Detergent
I used Dreft for as long as the first bottle I bought lasted but I never switched washing our clothes from our regular detergent. Once we determined Caleb wasn't allergic to our clothes we didn't re-buy any more Dreft. It is great for babies with sensitive skin, but if your baby doesn't mind your detergent switch all laundry to that. It will save you money in a heartbeat.

7.  Friends
If you are like me right now, you probably now at least one person with a baby and one person who is pregnant. Take your friends up on hand-me-downs. I have sent stuff to my sister-in-law and three other friends who are all expecting boys this year. I saved the special things that I loved a ton but every single onesie doesn't need to be saved for Caleb. Kids only wear outfits, if you're lucky, a handful of times before they grow out of them. Pass them on and accept them with open arms to save hundreds of dollars.


I hope these have been helpful tips and if you have any others make sure to share them with me, because if you couldn't tell, this mama likes to save the dollars for more fun things!
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  1. This is such a good post! Although I'm not a mom yet, I hope to be one day and all you ever hear is how expensive babies are- but I know that doesn't HAVE to be the case. I have a niece I always shop for out of season and so far, so good! I've scored super cute name-brand stuff for just a few bucks! :)